need loan for a truck and have bad credit?

I'm starting a business and looking for a truck to pull a big trailer all over the country. i have bad credit do to a divorce and a bankrupcy. I would like to better my self by making my credit better again.

6 years ago - 4 answers

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Try getting an online auto loan quote. The automated questionairre will give you results based on your credit and financial situation. It's free and you can get an answer in minutes.

6 years ago

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That's a great goal but it's something that's going to take time and effort.

In this economic climate, there's no way you will get a loan.

by maxmom56 - 6 years ago

Okay? I think you are better off paying cash for an older truck, or financing a small amount. So you can try to rebuild your credit. Than when you have most of your credit cleaned up, try apply for a loan on a newer truck.

by quepasameng - 6 years ago

Good luck with that.

Owner/operator is hard to get into unless you have a good truck, and with bad credit I doubt you would qualify for a loan...most trucks go for well over $50k. Even on the low end models.

Your best bet would be to work for a trucking company and pay your bills.

Some companies offer driver lease programs, where you basically purchase the truck from them.

Good luck.


by lunartic5 - 6 years ago