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    where can i get a loan,I have bad credit and i dont have a bank account!!But i need a personal loan!!!help?

    Loan sharks,any one help!!!!
    a few seconds ago 6 Answers

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    Prosper is a good idea, or you can ask someone to co-sign for a consolidation loan (try your bank) or a personal loan. Good luck !
    a few seconds ago

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    • Hardly doubt you can get a loan with bad credit and if you do than your going to be paying an arm and a leg. Loan Shark??? Do you know what a loan shark is? Do you know what can happen if you dont pay a loan shark on time? You think your rights are going to protect you like they do when you dont pay the rest of your bills? No ma'am. Next thing you know the guy that loaned you the money sends out his shark and its some guy with an aka like Cobra thats anywhere from 275 to 350 pounds, six feet tall and looks like he can snap your neck with his fingers... busts into your house and breaks your knee caps. By the time you call the cops, they drop the donuts and dust off their shirts, get into the car and get to your house...Cobra is at home in the hills having himself a sandwich. Well, look at that...I got a pretty good imagination. heheh. As a matter of fact its not even half as pretty as I described it. So get real...I dont think you know what a real loan shark is and I know for a fact you never want to deal with one. Try some family members or friends if you are unable to get a loan somewhere proper. Good Luck

      by smile4cobra - a day ago

    • Do you have a 401(k) or 403(b) through your job? You can usually borrow up to half of what you've saved...and the best part is you're borrowing from yourself and any interest you accrue goes right back into the savings plan. I'm doing that right now through my employer due to my lack of credit. Also you can usually choose how long you want the loan for (usually 1-5 yrs.) and it's automatically deducted from your paycheck so you don't have to worry about another bill. Good luck!

      by Noname - a day ago

    • you shouldn't have gotten in debt in the first place. but since you did, i'll try to help. Getting a loan makes no sense. You just dig the hole even deeper. if you keep takin out loans the hole will collapse on you. So, if they really are loansharks or you are a addressing people with money smarts, beg for mercy until you can make enough to pay off alittle bit.

      by Lee - a day ago

    • Try prosper.com- they set you up to get personal loans from other people, not banks and institutions.

      by jjwriternow - a day ago

    • It might be expensive, but try peer-to-peer lending at prosper.com

      by kentog - a day ago

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