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    How much money did each family get who lost a loved one in the World Trade Center on 9/11?

    a few seconds ago 13 Answers

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    Depends on what they were worth...
    a few seconds ago

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    • I don't understand why they should have received any money. It is sad beyond comprehension that they died but why should my tax money go to their families. I understand that they died in a terrorist plot but still. The government did not pay my mom when my dad died a horrible death. We had to rely on his life insurance. Am I being completely callus? I don't mean to be.

      by mamatohaley+1 - 19 hours ago

    • 4 million-ish. Ann Coulter will tell you. She is the self promoting bxtch that wrote a book on it.

      by rrainone_networthfg - 19 hours ago

    • it varied with each person depending on their occupation,annual salary and earning potential I thought most of the money came from money donated by other americans

      by Loollea - 19 hours ago

    • Oh, the vast majority were covered under Workers Compensation - so they got in lump sum, what they would have made working at the same job, projected, until they were of retiring age. Most families got MILLIONS of dollars, just on the workers comp part of it. Maybe all of them - I can't imagine people being in an office building at that time of the day, and NOT being there on business.

      by mbrcatz - 19 hours ago

    • It varied but my question to you is y would u ask such a question?

      by Joe Man - 19 hours ago

    • Death: $225,000 Loss of a sense(s): $200,000 (each sense) Loss of limb(s): $175,000 (each limb)

      by i'm gay - 19 hours ago

    • Much more than they should have...

      by Common Sense - 19 hours ago

    • whatever the money value it would never be enough

      by trouble - 19 hours ago

    • First it concerns me that you are actually interested in this. I hope you are not as mercenary as this sounds. Second each individual is always awarded different amounts in such disasters.

      by jusme - 19 hours ago

    • some have gotten nothing. Many life insurance companeis have not settled yet.

      by fr_chuck - 19 hours ago

    • Not much, I believe.

      by |Soldier| - 19 hours ago

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