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    Get an apartment with an eviction on my record?

    I have rented two apts in the past 5 years, both with great rental history. Recently, I applied for an apt only to be told I have an eviction coming up. I was evicted back in 2001. Up until now, the eviction has not showed up anywhere...even on credit reports I've gotten, much less with the two apt complxes I rented from the past few years. I have to find an apt fast and I need advice on what to do. I am in the process of getting a letter from the place that evicted me stating I am not in their records, which I'm not. I've called to pay it off and they have no record of me! I've even called the court and they show no amount I owe. So I'm stuck. I can't pay an amt I owe b/c no one shows one but then it comes up in some apt searches. I live in Texas, FYI if that helps. Am I stuck to unsafe, horrible places now? I've always lived in pretty nice places and I'm scared now.
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    Were you evicted or not? The landlord has nothing to do with it anymore. This is a record of a legal action against you. The court house may have screwed up and not reported this immediately, as they should have. And yes, you have pretty much earned your way to the unsafe side of town. Normal landlords will not rent to you. If you were not evicted you need to contact the court house because they input the social security number incorrectly. They can pull up the case and determine pretty easily if it was you or not. It takes the same judge that put the eviction on your record to take it off, and they can only legally take it off if you were never evicted, it has to be a mistake.
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    Other Answers

    • Not all evictions will include a money judgment. In some areas an eviction is only a judgment for possession. Even if there was a money judgment with the eviction, paying it off would not remove the eviction from your records. If you were evicted and it did not show up, you got lucky. Your luck has run out.

      by Trouble - 16 hours ago

    • If you can afford it, give landlord a few months advance rent. Money always talks louder than the paper.

      by Kay - 16 hours ago

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