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    How far back from the road does the state have right of way on to your property?

    My husband and I are in the process of buying house but we are concerned with the property lines. The disclosure sheet says that the house is on a four lot site which is 100x150. The 150 measures fine to the side road but on the main road in front of he house if we measure back the 100 feet the property line lies out the back door about 15 feet. In the State of Oklahoma and the town of Sterling does any one know where you would start measuring from to get an estimate of the property line that has road frontage on a state highway? We would just like to get good idea if the line lies where we were intially led to believe before we get to much further in this transaction. We of course will be getting a survey as we are funding through our bank but we were just trying to ease our minds a little in finding out where you start measuring for the property line.
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    Right of way for roads is usually around 30 feet, measuring 5 each side of center line of road. That was my thought until I found the following. Read the section The Public Right of Way: http://crs.uvm.edu/citizens/roads.htm
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    • Where to start really varies. If you don't have survey pins, you really can't do it yourself. Get it a professional to survey the property. It's money well spent.

      by bdancer222 - 21 hours ago

    • A good survey and title work will not only show the property lines, but also any easements that may be in place. However, keep in mind, in most cases, if the State needs some of your land to widen the road, they can probably acquire it through eminent domain. I would also check with zoning and building codes in the area to determine setback requirements. That may provide you with some protection.

      by therainbowseeker - 21 hours ago

    • Getting a survey as you stated is your best bet. Chances are that the surveyor will contact the State and or whoever claims the road (County or Municipality) to locate the taking or dedication of the road to ascertain the exact location of the road as it applies to your property.

      by newmexicorealestateforms - 21 hours ago

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