QVC why easy payments?

Why do the people like those easy payments at QVC so much? I heard how people love them, but they never say why.
I just do not understand the thinking. Someone please explain honestly.
I just do not understand. If it costs $400, it does not make it any easier if its broken into 3 payments. It is still $400 that the item costs.

6 years ago - 7 answers

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Because people don't live on less money than they make. They worship the fico and have payments coming out the ass. They need the smallest payment a month that they can get.

6 years ago

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well then instead of for example paying 400 dollars at once they let you pay 100 dollars a month. Its actually very helpful for money management

by CC195 - 6 years ago

Instead of paying the full price up front they can pay it in 3 payments instead of full payment up front.

by susitamarie20 - 6 years ago

the presenters are just making that up. they 'assume' people love them cause its less money to pay all at once. its like layaway but you get the product straight away.

by alexarainbird - 6 years ago

you have to have a Visa or credit card in good standing to use the service. The also run a credit check to make sure that you can pay the money back and have decent credit.

by Sandy S - 6 years ago

It's psychology, sort of like 99 cents is "less than" a dollar. All their tiny consumer brains can think of is the smaller monthly amount, so it doesn't sound like such a big investment.

by G. Whilikers - 6 years ago

some people cant pay a big lump sum at once, so they prefer the installments. Kinda like when one uses a credit card and makes payments because one can not afford paying it all at once. Simple as A-B-C.

by smiley - 6 years ago