How long does it take for a store to refund/give credit back to a debit?

I'm not sure if my question makes sense..but this is what happened...

I recently returned an item at H&M and asked for a refund, which is supposed to give me back credit on my debit card. But...when i checked my transaction history on WaMu it did not show i supposed to wait at least 24 hours?
If it doesn't show up in at least 24 hours..what should i do?

thanks in advance!
Thank you everyone for the responses =)
I guess i will wait a few days..and if it still doesnt show up then i'll ask H&M.

Thanks again! ^^

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it takes about 2-3 weeks

7 years ago

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I think its at least one business day.

by Edgar R - 7 years ago

at kamrt where I work it takes about 2 to 3 days NOT WEEKS

by killert_dawg - 7 years ago

They usually tell me 10-14 business days but its usually there in a week. It wouldn't be there in 24 hours.

by atjetcmk - 7 years ago

u could ask the store they have there own system

by ashley l the turkey - 7 years ago

usually a day or two

we're talkin business days baby

by Austin - 7 years ago

2-5 business days. I buy online all of the time and that's all it's EVER been, even in local stores.

by Wutz it worth 2 ya? - 7 years ago

Debit card transaction like you've described are "batch processed" normally overnight so you should see the credit on the following day...


by Mark C - 7 years ago

It really varies per store. Some stores tell you it might not show up until your next billing cycle! It really depends on the store's policies. I've returned things and have shown a credit that same day, others have taken 2 or more weeks to get my credit. Call that store and ask them how long it will take to show up, they should know. I know with the store I work at , it depends on when we settle our Visa/MC accounts. If we settle them daily, then all those transactions will go through Visa or MC, otherwise those transactions don't go through or process until we settle the accounts. Definatly check with your store's policies.

by Alexis R - 7 years ago

I have the same issue and Ive been waiting 2 weeks. WaMu tells me that it is completely up to the company. And the company tells me that it has to do with WaMu. But Ive been told it takes 7 to 10 days to process

by plutoniumhalo - 7 years ago