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    Is an unsigned lease agreement valid?

    When I signed my apartment lease, the property manager was not on-site so the leasing assistant just had me sign the lease. I have a copy of the lease with just my signature.Is this agreement valid? If the manager signed the office copy of the lease but not mine is it valid? I need to get out of my lease and I don't know how to approach the situation. Should I take it to court and if so will I win? Or should I just take my unsigned lease to the property manager?
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    You have a signed lease. Reason is you the leaser have signed and agreed to that lease. If you need to get out of the lease there are two ways to do so. First is to ask if there is a buy out of the lease. Let them know that things have changed. If there is no reasonable way out. Then the second way would be to advertise the apartment for rent through CraigsList.com. The prospective tenant would need to pass the apartments credit checks and other credit source just like you had to do when you signed up. Best of luck
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    • All that needs to exist is 1 copy of the lease with both signatures. Most likely it is the property manager who has this. your copy may not be signed but if he/she has a copy with both signatures on it then there is a valid lease.

      by Patrick - 11 hours ago

    • You signed the lease and agreed to the terms. You do not have an unsigned lease. You have a copy of the lease signed only by you. Your lease agreement is valid. Yes, it is still valid. The office copy will have all the required signatures on it. You signed their copy, you are on the hook. You will not win in court. You do not even have a case to take to court from what you describe. Take your lease to the property manager. I'll bet dollars to donuts that the property manager will sign your copy of the lease willingly.

      by Trouble - 11 hours ago

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