Where to make cheap color copies?

I need to make about 1500 colored 11x16 copies/print outs and looking for a cheap place to do so. Any idea?
It would be 1500 copies of the same page and I already got quotes in but I still think that 35c a copy is to much for that amount of copies. Just thought there may be a online store or someone I haven't thought of. I mean I went to like FedEx staples and UPS and stuff...

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Are these 1,500 different pages to be copied, or 1,500 copies of a single page, or perhaps 100 copies of 15 pages?

Call or fax several local printers and office-supply stores with more details and ask for bids. If it's 1,500 copies of a single page, you will pay a LOT less than if it's 1 copy of 1,500 different pages.

7 years ago

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Actually...35 cents for an 11X16 color copy is insanely cheap already.

by Doran P - 7 years ago

Check out, they generally have the cheapest copies online. 1500 copies of a single-sided page at 11x17 comes out to $240, or $.16 per page. They send out orders the next day and usually arrive within 2-3.

So no... 35 cents per copy is NOT insanely cheap. But this is.


by Roe - 7 years ago