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    Can you buy a home in your business name using your EIN number? If so how?

    If so what type of credit score do you need and how do you get business accounts? Thank you.
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    No I don't think so. You have probably ruined you credit and want another approach. You might need to incorporate and have the corporation buy it. But then you will need to show the profit and loss statements, and a track record for the corporation. Your EIN is just for a sole proprietor business, and the lender still wants your SSN.
    a few seconds ago

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    • You can only buy a home with a business loan if the zoning is commercial and you are opening a business there. There are not many homes in commercial areas. BUt, it does not sound like you have a business, so you would have no credit available for your business.

      by Landlord - a day ago

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