I am About to Become a Google Glass Explorer

    By Glen Gilmore | Small Business

    Friday, October 4th, 2013, I become a “Google Glass Explorer”

    I’m not a “techie” in the traditional sense.  I have trouble at times with the television remote.  I do, however, keenly track trends in technology and try to decipher their implications on our lives.

    When I was invited to become a “Google Glass Explorer” by friends at IBM, I asked, “Why?”  What was so compelling that I should spend about $1,600 for a device that might soon be released to the general public for much less than that.

    The answer I got was pretty much that the device is really, really cool, and that I would have the opportunity to test run a disruptive technology months before the general public – anywhere.

    However this happened, I thought that it was an opportunity that I should not pass on.  I took a look at the official Google Glass video (I’m not providing a link, because I don’t want you to waste your time.) and I wasn’t impressed.  It seemed that it was all about taking videos and pictures, make video phone calls and getting directions.  Cool, but not cool enough for me to plunk down $1,600.  (To be clear, my friends at IBM got me the opportunity to buy Google Glass.  An opportunity that arose from being a part of their social media “influencer” network.)

    Unimpressed with the official Google Glass (yes, “Google Glass”, not “Google Glasses”), I looked elsewhere.  I found a video from my new friends (I tweeted their video; they tweeted back.) at Purple Rock Scissors, that made Glass seem pretty exciting:

    So, here it is:  since I have this privilege of becoming a Google Glass Explorer, I feel obliged to share my journey.  I’ll be sharing some posts like this, nothing fancy, to record my journey and share my learning.

    Since, as I noted, I’m not really a techie, perhaps that makes me a good Explorer candidate.  If I fail in my journey, so, most likely, does Jane and John Q. Public.  I realize, though, that because of the great community of friends I’ve gathered in social, I’ll likely have more help than most, which I hope will benefit others in their journey and advance the technology of wearable tech.

    Help Me Succeed as a Google Glass Explorer (Please)

    As a non-technie, I’m going to need the help of those of you who are techies.

    First problem, I gather, is that I use an iPhone and not an Android.


    What apps should I be using?

     A Practical Problem – I Wear Glasses (Or Contacts)

    When I was given the Google Glass invite, I asked a question to a very common problem:  will Google Glass work with contacts.  The answer I got was a, “Well…er…they’re going to come out with prescription Glass soon.”

    I wasn’t going to let no stinkn’ contacts stand in the way of my getting Google Glass.  I scheduled an emergency appointment with my dear friend “Dr. D”, a.k.a., Dr. Nick Despotidis, OD, FCOVD, FAAQ, FIOA of Eye Care Professionals for his help.  I told him I had researched and learned about new multi-focus contact lenses.  He instantly understand how important this Google Glass quest was and dismissed the idea with prescribing me them.  Instead, he said, he would “dedicate” my right eye to Google Glass by prescribing a lense fitted to the Google Glass explanation of how the display screen appears to the average viewer.  I have been fitted with a couple slight variations of my prescription to increase the prospects of my contact working with the Glass.

    So there you have it.  Installment One of my Google Glass journey.

    Please offer your comments below.

    And tweet me your thoughts and suggestions at @GlenGilmore  Thanks!

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