Always Maintain a Positive Focus

Always Maintain a Positive Focus image ID 100100167Always Maintain a Positive FocusAs a marketer, I try and stay in tuned with what is happening in our country and the world. Lately, it seems there is one horrific news story after another and it takes over our news media and all of us are consumed by it. This news is reported in all kinds of mediums: social media sites, newspaper, television and magazines.

Everyone reacts differently and people can be very sensitive when these type of stories are brought to life.

I have taken the approach to be careful about talking about these type of incidents as a part of everyday communication and have decided to take the approach that more positive news is needed. It’s time that we, as marketers communicate information that does the following:

  • Assists our clients with their business decisions
  • Connects with our clients to establish a trusting relationship
  • Provides our clients with ideas and tools to help them achieve their goals

I think the worse thing we can do is get caught up in the information of these events and state our own opinions on the tragedies. I think other outlets are in a better position to conduct this type of reporting.

Our role is to be different and remain positive. People are always looking to connect with other people who can stay positive when these type of events occur and offer fresh ideas to focus their attention on.

Please keep this in mind as you provide information on your company blog sites. Continue to be a force for making a difference in your reader’s eyes and focus on information that is beneficial to your readers and makes them want to return for more.

Maintaining a positive focus is the key. Stay above the noise. Continue to be sensitive to your clients’ needs at all times and give people some difference-making information. It should be our job as marketers.

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