Airport vending machine ‘restaurant’ offers gourmet menu

Travelers with little time to stop for a bite to eat may not be able to do without the cheap, fast food of vending machines, and we’ve even seen the devices installed inside taxis. Taking an alternative route however, Haneda Airport in Tokyo has introduced a sit-down vending machine restaurant, offering gourmet food 24 hours a day.

Located on the first floor lobby of Terminal 2, visitors can select a meal from the menu and have it delivered instantly – much like a typical vending machine. Rather than eating the food on-the-go, customers are encouraged to relax in the restaurant surroundings. The menu doesn’t include any preservatives or processed goods and the company describes the available selection as ‘gourmet’. Open 24 hours a day, the restaurant aims to provide passengers with convenient food as well as surroundings they can enjoy.

Given the practicality and versatility of vending machines, are there other situations that could benefit from always-available goods?


Spotted by: Sandra Cheng

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