Airline sends cuddly toys on the trip of a lifetime


Some parents can’t afford to take their children abroad, but one Japan-based startup may have found the next best thing. Inspiring a sense of wonder in kids that can’t globetrot themselves, Unagi Travel sends their toys on adventures and posts Facebook photos from their holiday.

The company currently offers four package holidays for stuffed guests — a tour of Tokyo, a trip around Kyoto, a visit to the hot springs in Onsen, and a mystery adventure. Kids then send their toys away in the mail to enjoy a two-to-three week holiday in Japan. Once the toys touch down and get settled, children can keep up to date by checking the Unagi Travel Facebook page, where snaps of their trip will be uploaded. Kids also receive a handwritten postcard from their cuddly animal, and upon their return they will also bring a gift of a printed photograph and a video on CD-ROM. Tours range from USD 35 to USD 95, and toys are insured for up to USD 100 in the case that they get kidnapped or decide they love Japan too much to come back. The video below shows some the airline’s previous guests:

Much like Little Passports, Unagi Travel gives children a taste of another part of the world without them having to leave the country, instead sparking their imagination. Are there other business that could cater for a more cuddly demographic?


Spotted by Robert de Koning , written by Springwise

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