‘Africa-tough’ portable phone charger is a business in a box

Given the importance of mobile devices in today’s world, making phone charging easier is something that numerous projects have set out to achieve. We’ve already seen Richard Nicoll’s charging handbag enable users to charge on-the-go, although this device is aimed at a western audience that can recharge the bag once they’re in the office or at home. Catering for the African market, the eChaja is a solar-powered portable charger that helps users make money by offering charging facilities in remote locations.

Developed in South Africa and Swaziland the kit comes with a base unit that includes a solar panel, transformer and six outlets. Phones can be connected to the device via cigarette lighter sockets similar to those found in cars. Each lead is color-coded, serving as an aid to help users remember which device is theirs. The kit comes with a bag that makes the whole system easily portable – meaning users can set it up anywhere. This provides a business opportunity for owners who can set up in locations without easy access to mains electricity, where cell phone owners may need to top up their battery. The device allows users to set a timer for each individual socket, enabling them to apply fixed time periods for customer charging. Each kit also comes with a high-visibility vest and eChaja cap to identify users as a charging point.

The eChaja is not only a handy way to charge cell phones in remote locations in an environmentally-friendly manner, but also provides a source of income for users. To purchase the device, customers must contact eChaja and request to become an agent. How else can consumers be equipped to make money from the products they buy?

Website: www.echaja.com
Contact: info@echaja.com

Spotted by: Paul Lintott

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