Africa’s Economic Powerhouse

    By Bogdan Obretin | Small Business

    Even though the media doesn’t make it that obvious, Africa is growing at a steady ready so much so that its $1.6 trillion GDP (in 2008) is equal to that of rising economic powers such as Russia or Brazil. Put in context, these growth rates are growing from a low base, starting from relatively low economies and making improvements that seem disproportionate. In recent years, African countries consist of the fastest growing economies in the world so it’s not doubt the African economy is rapidly rising but the sources for the momentum are not very widely known. To see some of the biggest performers or poorest achievers in terms of economic opportunity, law, security or human rights, check out the following infographic developped by Masters of Finance.

    Africas Economic Powerhouse image growthAfricas Economic Powerhouse
    Source: Africa From Top To Bottom

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