Are You Afraid To Accept Help During Job Search?

Are You Afraid To Accept Help During Job Search? image Are You Afraid To Accept Help During Job Search e1361829990498Are You Afraid To Accept Help During Job Search?So here’s a quick story.

It was raining pretty hard here in Southern California a number of weeks back. We’re not use to that here.

And for that reason, we are often unprepared to deal with what Mother Nature brings us.

And if we get caught in the rain, we also tend to “deal with it” and tough it out. But I had an experience that surprised me.

I was at a gas station. Once I finished filling the tank I noticed a woman filling her tires with air.

She was getting absolutely drenched.

So being the nice guy that I am (really) I drove over and parked near her. Once out of the car, I opened an umbrella over her and said “need an umbrella?”. Without looking up, she said “Nope!”. No smile. No “thanks anyway”. Nothing else.

Now, I understand issues with personal safety. Some people don’t like talking to strangers. We’d never met before. But I was dressed nice and we were in a very public place.

What I haven’t said yet was that this woman was adding air to the tires on her Porsche in a business suit with heels.

Why aren’t we willing to accept help from each other?

Of course it’s also true in job search. People don’t like admitting that they might need help from other people. It might suggest weakness or vulnerability at a time when we want to appear confident. Even if we don’t feel it.

Sometimes people are embarrassed by their predicament and just want to quietly toil away – no matter how long it takes to get back on the road.

Is there one clear aspect of your job search that needs help? If so, have that ready when someone asks “how can I help?”.

That’s one of five questions you must answer during job search (have you read the post?).

If you can’t answer these questions successfully, you will miss out on a significant opportunity to improve the efficiency of your effort.

If you don’t know specifically where you need help, try this simple self-diagnosis tool: Try In-View (is my job search broken?).

And if someone asks if you need help, say “Sure” and tell them your job search objectives. Including your short list of target companies.

You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks reegmo for the photo via Flickr

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