Be an Advocate on Social Media

Be an Advocate on Social Media image ID 100100142 300x237Be an Advocate on Social MediaAdvocate – one that supports or promotes the interests of another – Source Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This is my new word for 2013 that I am using more and more.

A number of social media experts always tell people that social media is about engaging and not selling. These people will tell you that you need to join conversations and make large investments of time if you are going to see results on social media sites.

For me it is all about being an advocate. I want to connect with great people and stand behind them and support them. There are too many people just retweeting or liking people. Also, you can sometimes be too engaging and too personal. Who has time for that?

If someone makes a comment about one of my posts, I do the following steps:

  • Check out their bio.
  • Great people usually have their own website or company site. I check it out to see how it fits with their bio.
  • Finally I send a reply acknowledging their comment and I comment about their site if I see something that stands out.

As you can see, I probably look at this process the most on Twitter, but I am seeing it more and more on Linkedin, especially in Linkedin Groups.

Being an advocate shows you care about the person and you are taking extra time to get to know them. In addition, as an advocate you will look for ways to reconnect and comment when your “advocate friends” post really cool stuff. This is where the real value is. Can you imagine someone always finding everything you post as being great? Are those the kind of followers and friends you really want. It may be great in the short-term, but it may get old fast. (Just a thought)

In return, you have another group of people who are supportive of you and your company brand. These people can be tremendous supporters and new messengers for you and your brand message. These people may not purchase your services, but they are well respected and because of that, you will see a return

Think about being an advocate today and review your own list of people you follow and determine which people are your own advocates.

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