The Advent Of Mobile 2.0

The Shift to Mobile 2.0

How many times have you told someone or heard, “I have to do that when I get back into the office” or “Yes, I can take care of that as soon as I get back to my computer”? Countless, right?

If only your company-issued smartphone could do more than calls and e-mails… The Advent Of Mobile 2.0 image how mobility is changing enterprise 300x231The Advent Of Mobile 2.0
According to the latest Harvard Business Review (HBR) whitepaper, How Mobility is Changing the Enterprise, “we are in the vortex of the technological shift from Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0.”

Breaking down the walls of the office now goes well beyond mobile e-mail. Mobile applications integrated into office ERP and backend systems are truly making the office a virtual space. Employees at all levels, customers and partners can access real-time data, with the ability to take immediate action on that data. Even traditionally human interaction and paper-intensive departments such as Customer Service, Finance and HR can benefit benefit from mobile applications.

The Advent Of Mobile 2.0 image 17541 HBR SAP Infographic Enterprise 1024x791The Advent Of Mobile 2.0

One of the fastest growing areas for mobile technology is in customer interaction. Take Hurricane Sandy for example. Before and during the hurricane, over 20 million tweets1 were sent about Hurricane Sandy. Once the storm was over, mobile claims applications were well utilized to upload photos, and claim details to insurance providers.

This use of mobile technology to submit insurance claims allowed for a much faster response from the insurance provider – and a much improved customer experience2. Can you imagine what those applications might look like five years from now? How much more information and interaction will companies be able to provide to customers? At this point in the transformation, the innovations are limited only by our imaginations.

When it comes to how mobile technology will transform the business landscape, we are really only at the tip of the iceberg. The future holds so many opportunities that we can’t even fathom where it might end. You can learn more about How Mobility is Changing the Enterprise by reading the HBR whitepaper and watching a short video on its highlights.



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