The Advantages of Good SEO Articles to Freelance Writers

How freelance writers benefit from good SEO articles

Let us assume for the moment that the most incredible article ever written was published online. It had all the bells and whistles, from engaging content to passionate style and is very witty. It is a veritable well of information chock full with entertaining ideas. It is both funny and moving at the same time. It was everything an article could ever hope for, except that nobody is reading it. It is gathering dust in the cellars of the internet because somehow it got hidden from the online community’s collective eye. A tragedy of great proportions, one might say. And it all happened because the writer doesn’t know about SEO.

An article is meant to be read. If nobody knows about it, much less bothers to read it, then it is a waste of the writer’s talent and time. This idea is very true even in the world’s greatest treasure house of information, the Internet. So this is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. SEO gets your articles read by the people who want to read it by making sure each search engine query relevant to your topic puts your article foremost on the list.

The usual freelancer often does not understand the power of SEO in their profession. They write one article, hand it over to the publisher or whoever they contracted with for the article, then move on to the next. In reality, internet users of varying stripe will find great use of good SEO tactics, and this especially holds true for the freelance writer.

Being Professional and Taking Pride in One’s Own Work

A lot of people still believe that a job that deserves to be done deserves to be done well. Good professionals want their works to be successes even if they receive minimal or no financial incentives.

In the long run, being professional has its own rewards. A good job that earns profits for the people whom the freelancer contracted with will at least ensure the possibility of repeat business in the future. The satisfied customer will rave about how great the service is, and will share this to other people looking for similar services. This will create the professional lots of opportunities for work and eventually, as demand for services increases, fee rates considerably go up as well. All these benefits happened because the professional freelancer took the time and effort to produce high quality SEO articles.

More Web Traffic Generates Web User Awareness

Majority of freelance writers put up at least one webpage where they can display their works to potential customers. A prospective client will want to increase their website’s Page Rank, and thus will want to see if the freelancer, through his or her work, would be able help them achieve this goal. If the client discovers that the freelancer’s page does not rank well and appears to be poorly optimized in the search engines, chances are the client will move on to try other freelancers with better positions in the Search Engine Results Page.

Samples of well-written SEO articles serve as a selling point for the freelancer. This is one of the best ways to advertise a writing service, and posting successful articles previously created for other clients will do greatly in attracting potential customers.

The Importance of Presence and Credibility in Freelance Work

With the passage of time a freelancer may list all the various jobs he or she did and develop a portfolio. Good portfolios will include significant and enduring articles, search engine optimized, as proof of the freelancer’s competence. A large and impressive resume with several important works listed, and easily found through a search engine query, will lend presence to any freelancer in his or her field. Presence is very powerful. It implies that the writer’s work is very visible in the internet and enjoys wide patronage among users. And a big client base means top notch work. This notion in turn denotes credibility. Consistently good credibility commands expertise and expertise in turn commands authority.


Simply put, the advantages of writing good SEO articles are so great it benefits not only the intended readers, but the writers as well. By making quality articles a top priority, freelancers gain increased viewership, presence, credibility and work satisfaction.

Any self-respecting writer would want their content read. And the best way to get read in the internet is through search engine optimization. It’s that simple.

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