What’s Up With The New Ad-Filled Facebook News Feed Layout?

    By Kimberly Castleberry | Small Business

    What’s Up With The New Ad Filled Facebook News Feed Layout? image facebook logoWhat’s Up With The New Ad Filled Facebook News Feed Layout?Ads! Ads Everywhere!

    Kim here…

    This afternoon, on my Facebook page, I shared a tip about how to solve the “bug” when scrolling down in the newsfeed keeps showing the same posts over and over. You can find that here

    But that post generated some questions (and more than one private message from paying clients)…

    About the “new” flash ads that are “all over” their news feed, which look sorta like this…

    What’s Up With The New Ad Filled Facebook News Feed Layout? image facebook flash ad malware 2 550x412What’s Up With The New Ad Filled Facebook News Feed Layout?

    These ads are placed so “correctly” that they appear to actually be a new change to Facebook… and even managed to fool Lifehacker!

    But if you ever see this… don’t be fooled!

    You may never see something like this yourself, but if you hear a friend complaining about it, please be sure you clue them into what is REALLY going on.

    This extraneous advertising (which is almost always Flash based), is not the upcoming in-stream video ads, but is a rather old and VERY common malware infection.

    9 times out of 10, it comes from an infected browser add-on or extension. (Rarely but ocassionally it comes from OS malware or an FB app that is stealth-installing a browser malware snippet.)

    There are many types of malware and many types that affect Facebook… this type is actually known as “Adware” and it benefits the nefarious creator by making them money when you accidentally click those ads.

    Removing Suspicious Add-ons:

    Whew! Aren’t you glad that this isn’t the way Facebook intended to make some cash off of us?

    I know it can be very aggravating to learn that you have picked up malware but at least this is a relatively non-aggressive and easy to sort out type.

    Once you remove the offending add-on (which may have prior been safe until they got bad ideas about funding), you should be fine to go about your business with less ad interruption!

    Have fun with your new reduced-ad Facebook!


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