What is Ad Email?

What is Ad Email? image What is Ad Email  300x196What is Ad Email?You may be wondering what ad email is. But chances are, you have already seen it numerous times without even realizing it.

Ad email, also known as email in advertising, is becoming more and more popular these days. Advertisers find it to be a very effective method of reaching potential customers.

How ad email works

If you have not heard of ad email before, you may worry that emails with advertisements are what is known as spam. But no, ad email is a very different animal. You see, these ads go in emails in which the subscribers have all opted in. They have chosen to subscribe to the emails, as opposed to getting bombarded with spam.

People subscribe to a variety of emails these days. For example, newspapers may send out emails telling readers about article on their websites. Radio stations may send out emails about their upcoming programming, to announce giveaways and to promote upcoming contests.

There are also newsletters that people send out to subscribers. For example, a basset hound rescue group may send out email newsletters to people who are interested in helping that type of dog.

In all of those types of emails, there may be email advertisements. There are several appealing things from an advertiser’s point of view when it comes to using the emails as a place to put the advertisements.

Why you should do email ads

The first is that you can target potential customers more easily. For example, if you sell specialty dog food, putting an ad in that newsletter on basset hounds could work very well for you and your company. If you want to target country music fans, running an ad in a country music radio station would be a great place to go. And if you want to target newspaper readers in a particular area, an ad in a newspaper email newsletter would be a great fit for you.

Another reason to do ad email is the halo effect. In many cases, like a fan newsletter, people will be more likely to support the advertisers because they appreciate them running an ad to keep the newsletter going.

A third reason why ad email may be a good idea is that you may only be charged when the person opens the email. This can save you money, because you only pay for the ads that people actually saw.  In addition, if you have the emails distributed by an email platform like LiveIntent, you can have the ads updated as time goes on, so your latest and greatest ad will show up whenever the person opens it.

For all of these reasons, ad email may be right for you.

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