Are You “About that Action?” Why Startups Should Listen To Marshawn Lynch

    By Andrew Gazdecki | Small Business

    Are You “About that Action?” Why Startups Should Listen To Marshawn Lynch image brown helmet 3 19 13 x largeAre You “About that Action?” Why Startups Should Listen To Marshawn LynchIn the run up to the Super Bowl (long before anyone knew that the Broncos would be fielding a pile of cadavers instead of their usual high-powered football stars), Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch delivered some pearls of wisdom in his interviews. In one of them, he told reporters that he was, “Just about that action , boss” and also stated that if you want something, “You go get it, no need to talk about it.”

    If you’re running a startup, this is exactly how you need to be.

    How It Starts

    Almost everyone has a dream (or many dreams). But for most people, they’re largely abandoned in favor of practical concerns. After all, most dreams involve fairly rare occurrences or extraordinary successes. Thus, dreamers tend to understand that following a dream is a long shot, and put it aside in favor of less speculative endeavors.

    But Some People Go For It

    They can’t shake the dream and want to make it a reality. And as we know, few actually succeed. What is it that separates the winners from the losers? In our opinion, Mr. Lynch has the answer:


    Going And Getting It

    “Wow, thanks for the epiphany. I never knew you had to actually DO things to succeed. How can I sign up for your lecture series, you business genius?”

    Okay, okay. We hear you. This is not complex stuff. Nor is it any kind of secret. But just because an idea is simple and out in the open doesn’t mean people won’t willfully ignore it. Humans are funny like that. (Not “Ha, ha” funny. More like “tragic” funny. “Sad” funny. You know.)

    Anyhow, time and time again, we see entrepreneurs with great ideas fail because they don’t do the hard work needed to make their business succeed. Instead, they love, love, love talking about it. To friends, to relatives, to the mailman – anyone who will listen.

    But they don’t do enough of the work. They don’t do the endless tasks needed to secure funding, get the right people on board, test the market, build their product, etc. Instead of spending hours working on their business, they live normally. They go to work, come home, screw around, and then go to bed. And repeat this every day.

    The actual entrepreneurial work never happens. What would Marshawn think?

    Be About That Action, Boss

    “Okay, right. You need to work to make a business succeed. What should I do if I don’t feel like it, though?”

    For many people, what they think they lack is motivation. This isn’t the whole truth, though. Motivation is great, and when you find yourself full of energy to tackle a self-directed project, you should seize it and dive in! But you also need something to carry you through the days when you aren’t full of energy for your project. When you’re sick of it. When you’d rather browse the Web, ride a bike, or do anything but deal with that damn business you’re trying to start.

    Stop Talking And Start Doing

    An easy way to start is to create a planned schedule with milestones for you to reach. Yep – a schedule. (It works, seriously!)

    If you do some planning ahead of time, and list out what needs to get done, along with reasonable time frames for completion of everything, all that remains is execution. You can schedule the work that has to be done using a simple calendar app, and then break your work up by the hour. That way, when you don’t have any motivation, you won’t be starting from scratch. Instead, you’ll be following a plan.

    You might be surprised at how hackable your brain is in this way!

    Sitting down with the entirety of your business to build is far too overwhelming. But sitting down with the goal of doing a first run-through of a loan application is manageable. By breaking things up and making appointments with yourself to handle them, you’ll keep your workload manageable, gain momentum through small successes, and have defined tasks that are totally doable.

    The result is that you take a ton of action.

    Marshawn Lynch may not be the most gifted businessman to ever live but in my opinion the #1 mistake early entrepreneurs make is they simply talk more than they work. So take this simple play out of Marshawn’s game book and “just be about that action, boss.”

    And the result of that is a great start on the road to success. Beast Mode, engage.

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