How to Achieve Success in Social Video Marketing

If you are planning to carry out a social video marketing campaign as a means of increasing the number of your fans and followers, then you have to make sure that you first establish a carefully laid out strategy.

Including videos as part of your online marketing campaigns will be huge help when it comes to building a stronger relationship with your target audience. Videos can make it possible for you to get the trust of your consumers which will help improve their confidence when it comes to buying from you. The kind of trust and confidence offered by your potential customers after viewing your videos will be much better in comparison to what is earned through blogging, texts and other websites.

One of the most remarkable things about social video marketing is that the videos that you produce will be around to promote your business 24/7. The video segments will continue to expose your business whether you sleep, eat or play.

It is very easy to cheapen and damage your company’s brand by producing a poor amateur video. If you want a video of little Johnny falling off his bike well then shoot away on a mobile phone and upload it to YouTube but if you are really serious about your product and want your potential clients to take you seriously then you must film your segment on a quality camera using quality audio equipment .

Just make sure that the quality videos produced are fun, interesting and have exciting content that grabs the viewers attention and by doing this the search engines will immediately notice them and provide them with a higher ranking. If you have a higher search engine (SERP) ranking, then it will be much easier for online users to access your uploaded videos when searching Google, Youtube, Yahoo or Bing.

You should also make sure that they contain an impressive call to action and clearly state that they can subscribe to your channel by clicking your link and by viewing the description to gather more information.

Another effective tip when trying to achieve success in social video marketing is to start your description box with an active URL/link especially with VOD (Video on Demand) sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and Break. It should also contain your contact information for Facebook and Twitter and make remember that your links will remain inactive if they dont start with http://.

Your videos should also have impressive creative qualities designed for an effective marketing strategy including being relevant, updated, focused and direct to the point. This is a good way to directly connect to the viewers. If your target market is Gen Y and Gen Z be even more clever in the creation of your video content as they don’t like to be preached to like TV they can see this as Spam and treat it with a very negative effect across social channels. The last thing you want is a negative effect on your product. Create content that is shareable as you want your viewers to share it on facebook, twitter, Google + and Linkedin.

Another useful tip when it comes to undertaking social video marketing campaigns is to get involved. You have to keep in mind that video websites work like an online community. To get yourself involved in this campaign, you have to consider creating or joining groups that have members who share the same passion as yours. You should also consider posting timely and relevant comments on posted videos that are related to your topic. You have to make a connection to build trust.

If you want to achieve success in social video marketing, then it is also advisable for you to be aware of the tips and tricks in making your videos viral. One such tip is to create unforgettable video content that is interesting, unique, creative and well thought out.

The most popular videos have these qualities which in turn makes them worth sharing.

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