Accessories to Accompany the Samsung Galaxy S4

    By Andrew Meadows | Small Business

    Accessories to Accompany the Samsung Galaxy S4 image Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 300x240Accessories to Accompany the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung recently released its latest addition to the Galaxy line of smartphones: The Galaxy S4. The much-loved South Korean smartphone manufacturer also released several smartphone accessories to accompany the Galaxy S4. Better sell your smartphone now, because you’re going to love these accessories!

    S Band

    This accessory helps users track their daily activities. The S Band works with the S-Health 2.0 app that records the user’s steps, distance travelled, and calories burned. It syncs through Bluetooth with the Galaxy S4. This allows users to wear the S Band even if they are not carrying their phone with them (like when they’re playing sports). Samsung says that the S Band has a waterproof design. It can also be used to check the user’s sleep quality by measuring how much the user moves while he or she sleeps.

    Game Pad

    This accessory has a remote control function for an excellent gaming experience. It lets users have full control with optimized buttons: Dual analog stick, shoulder keys, and four action buttons. It works with Bluetooth and its design looks similar to Microsoft’s Xbox controller layout. It has the traditional D-Pad and shoulder buttons on the back. The Game Pad fits any smartphone with a screen size ranging from 4 inches to 6.3 inches. It also has NFC Connectivity for faster Bluetooth connectivity.

    S View Cover and Wireless Charging

    The S View Cover is a cover for the new Galaxy S4, which has a different physical design than the Galaxy S3. The S View Cover has a rectangular window at the top which lets users quickly view their notifications like the time, caller ID information, and battery level, without needing to flip the cover. It also locks and unlocks the phone. Samsung also released the Wireless Charging Pad for charging the Galaxy S4 without cords!

    Headset and Pouch

    The headset has a flat cable to help prevent the problem of tangled wires. There are two speakers in each headphone: The Woofer and Twitter Speakers. A classic premium pouch is also available from Samsung.

    HRM and Extra Battery Kit

    HRM means “heart rate monitor.” Samsung claims that it helps control the user’s exercise intensity by measuring the heart rate. This is to prevent severe exhaustion. It runs with the Running Map app available for download. The extra battery kit is for when charging is not available to the smartphone user.

    Body Scale

    This accessory is also meant for tracking the user’s health. It can measure the user’s weight and send the information via Bluetooth to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It can support up to seven users and users can check their weight information using the S Health 2.0 app on their Galaxy S4 smartphones.

    Before You Go

    So, these are the new accessories that accompany the new Samsung Galaxy S4. They are really promising, right? Samsung not only provided accessories that can make your gaming experience better, but also accessories that can help you become more aware of your health! We know that the Galaxy S4 is really a great gadget, but these accessories make the new Galaxy smartphone even greater!

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