Accessible routes for disabled people in São Paulo outlined through app

Just a few months ago we featured Blue Badge Style, an app that helps disabled users find fashionable London venues that are wheelchair-accessible. Now focusing on similar concerns in Brazil, the Accessibility View project aims to use Google Maps and Street View to help disabled people find the most accessible routes through São Paulo.

As in many big cities, São Paulo’s sidewalks vary widely in their condition – with bumps, holes and other obstacles often making it difficult for the physically disabled to navigate through the city. The Accessibility View project, led by Eduardo Battiston, who is executive creative director at AgênciaClick, aims to help remedy that problem with an app that offers the equivalent of Google Street View, but from a disabled user’s perspective. The project already won first place in Google’s Creative Sandbox; next, it hopes to team up with the Associação de Assistência à Criança Deficiente (AACD) to equip members with cameras as a way of gathering the necessary photographic views from a wheelchair’s perspective, according to a Catraca Livre report. The video below explains the premise in more detail:

Another app, another small step toward better accessibility. Tech-minded entrepreneurs: what could you add here?


Spotted by: Nathalia Souto

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