ACCESS’ Seven Keys To Success

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”

  1. Decide – The very first thing you have to do is to decide you want to be successful. Being successful is a decision. Until you make the choice to be successful and are serious about it, it’s not going to happen. You also have to decide what success looks like for YOU.
  2. Believe - You HAVE to believe in yourself. You have to trust that you have what it takes to be successful. We are all created to win, the difference in those who do and those who don’t is often in their belief.
  3. Declare - Once you’ve made the decision, say it. Say it out loud. It sounds crazy, but there is power in your words. You have to declare it to yourself and others close to you that you know and trust that have your best interest at heart and that can hold you accountable.
  4. Evaluate - Take a self assessment to determine your gifts, strengths and talents. We all have very specific gifts. It is the area in which we are gifted that we will succeed. You will enjoy yourself more and you will perform at a higher level when you align your career choice with your area of gifting.
  5. Build - Map out a plan for the course you will take on your specific success journey. Develop a Vision statement and write it down. Develop a Mission statement and write it down. Develop very specific short term and long term goals and write them down. Look at them everyday and use them as your guide for the choices and decisions that you make.
  6. Act - You have to put in the work. Work your plan. There are no shortcuts on the journey to success. It requires hard work. Stay focused, stay disciplined and stay encouraged. Do not be afraid to revise the plan, but don’t change the goal and don’t stop putting in the work.
  7. Enjoy - Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebrate victories along the way with those who helped you on your journey. Help others learn how to be successful. Remember that this journey is not about you. A true measure of success is in the ability and joy to help and serve others.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary…#NoShortcuts

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