Access control security system activated by the human body

As the number of devices at our disposal continues to increase, authentication and security become more important than ever. Hard on the heels of our recent story about Passboard system’s mix-and-match approach, BodyCom is a new technology from Arizona-based Microchip that uses the human body as a secure communication channel.

Launched at the Embedded World conference in Germany earlier this year, BodyCom provides embedded security that’s activated by capacitively coupling to the human body. Specifically, the system communicates bi-directionally between a centralized controller and one or more wireless mobile fobs, using the human body as the transmission medium. So, a gun could only be used by the person with the right key fob, for example, or a pet door could be secured so only the right pet can open it. Neither RF antenna nor wireless transceiver are required by the system, which also offers low power consumption. Other potential applications include security systems, patient monitoring, and gaming profile management. The video below explains the technology in more detail:

It costs USD 3 to USD 4 to add BodyCom technology to a device, according to an MIT Technology Review report. Security-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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