9 Eye-Catching Content Marketing Strategies To Get Your Project Noticed

9 Eye Catching Content Marketing Strategies To Get Your Project Noticed image Eye Catching Content Marketing 285x3009 Eye Catching Content Marketing Strategies To Get Your Project NoticedThe internet is full of characters, but few grate on people’s nerves more than the Obnoxious Internet Marketing Guy. You know the type.

Their Twitter feed is a constant stream of “ME.”

Every comment they’ve ever left on a blog post links back to their own product or service.

You can almost feel the palm grease oozing out of their DM’s.

You don’t want to be that guy. But you do want your project/film/book/company/message to get the attention you believe it deserves. I think Leo Burnett, one of the 20th century’s greatest advertisers, said it best: “If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything. You just have to be noticed, but the art is getting noticed naturally, without screaming or without tricks.”

How to Get Noticed Without Being “That Guy”

So, how do you get noticed without being that guy? Without the screaming and the tricks? Try a one or more of these nine ways on for size.

#1 Guerilla Marketing

One L.A. street artist infiltrated Best Buy’s display area with his own plastic box and the appropriately-titled description placard, “Useless PLASTICBOX 1.2,” complete with a QR code linking back to his website. Though legality may be questionable in the Best Buy instance, there are plenty of public spaces where you could apply the same tactic. Where can you cleverly insert your project’s message?

#2 Free Press on Quora

Obviously, you can promote your project on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the other major social networks. However, you might be overlooking Quora. Don’t! Quora operates similarly to Yahoo! Answers, but without the anonymity and a lot more authority. Filmmakers, check out their Movie Business page to get the gist of some of the questions – and surprisingly astute answers – you could probably weigh in on.

#3 Interview People Better Than You

Chances are, you’re not the first person to produce a certain type of movie, organize a certain type of band tour, etc. Someone’s probably already been down that road. Why not interview them and share their wisdom and experience on your blog? You and your project start looking better by association. Plus, you and your readers might actually learn something with this content marketing approach!

#4 Get Serious About Blogging

What would happen if you really thought of your blog as the place where you could say something that’s never been said before? Seriously… instead of creating a patchwork of awkward keywords and repurposed content, what if you sat down to the keyboard with the attitude of creating something entirely original? Give it a try, and you might just strike on something viral!

#5 Build a Microsite

If coding is your team’s thing, you might want to give the microsite approach a try. According to the Content Marketing Institute, a microsite “concentrates on a narrow topic or issue, featuring rich content developed by the sponsoring brand itself.” For an example, you can check out The Daily Buzz (our microsite) or CMO.com (an Adobe microsite).

#6 Focus on Mobile

Considering that mobile web users are surging (literally surging), it might behoove you to double-check that any content marketing strategy you apply is mobile-friendly. Here are six of my tips on vetting your site from the mobile perspective.

#7 Create Relevant Contests

Making a film about an interesting cultural phenomenon? Writing a book about a hot topic people are discussing? Why not have a contest on your brand’s Facebook page each week that connects people interested in the subject with your project? (Check out these guidelines for help with execution.)

#8 Build a Street Team

Unless you’re fresh out of the gates, you probably already have a group of people that know and support your work. These people are the first members of your street team. It’s up to you to organize and mobilize them.

#9 Go Out of Your Way to Be Helpful

Is this really a form of content marketing? You bet it is. Law firm Roberts & Durkee did this when they created www.chinesedrywallproblem.com. Filmmakers behind Caine’s Arcade created a massive fundraising campaign for creative kids following the success of their film. By going out of your way to help people, you can make a huge impact and get huge exposure.

What are some of our favorite eye-catching and creative content marketing strategies?

(Image courtesy of Bert Kaufmann.)

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