8 Ways To Enjoy Work Just A Little More

    By Jen Cohen Crompton | Small Business

    Let’s face it. We don’t always absolutely love every single aspect of our jobs. Actually, there are 8 Ways To Enjoy Work Just A Little More image 276094 h ergb s gl18 Ways To Enjoy Work Just A Little Morevery few of us that fall into that category. Okay, well, I am not even sure that category exists, so let’s just say that we all have times that we could use a boost to help us get a little more enjoyment.

    And because we could all use it, here are eight ways we can take the times when we are feeling less excited about our work and make small tweaks in our daily habits that will leave us enjoying our work just a little more.

    1. Get involved. Not to get too psychological here, but one of the steps in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (which leads to self-actualization) is inclusion/love. In the workplace, this translates into feelings of belonging and it’s something we all want and appreciate. Becoming a part of a subgroup where the fruits of labor are immediately gratified could satiate this feeling. This means that if there is a group working toward planning an event or raising money for a cause, get involved and work together.
    1. Manage your own attitude. I very strongly believe in the motto that we cannot control the actions of others; we can only control and manage our own. In this situation, it means that we control our own attitude and we can decide to have a good or bad one. Although others may influence how we feel, they are not in control, so don’t let them have the power. You control you, so choose to have a good attitude – always.
    1. Give back. Maybe your company has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that focuses on the greater good, a cause or organization outside of your own company. If you have passion for their initiative, find a way to get involved with those carrying out the work and get on board to create a greater impact.
    1. Be a mentor. Everyone can benefit from someone who cares. Mentors are the ones who help bring the next generation up to speed in so many aspects of business, so go ahead and reach out to find someone to mentor. What is the use of having a bunch of trade secrets and strategies without sharing them with someone? Becoming a mentor (formal or informal) can have such impactful results benefiting both the mentor and the mentee.
    1. Set goals. If you find your motivation needs a tune-up, have a serious discussion with your manager and set goals for your position. The goals can be job-oriented or personal milestones you’d like to reach within a specified timeframe. Either way, use this as an opportunity to expand your skills, learn new things, and/or improve your overall performance/health.
    1. Meet new people. Are there people in your workplace that you’ve never met? Are there people you see, but don’t know who them? Go meet them. Strike up casual conversations by eating lunch at a different time and sitting in a new spot, go to the gym and mingle a bit before/after a workout, or just take a stroll and see who you bump into and muster the guts to just say hi. If you already know everyone in the office, go ahead and find out a little more about someone (people love talking about themselves) and start forming deeper relationships.
    1. Plan an event. Maybe you are looking to bring up the morale of the entire team and would like to focus on bringing people together for a good time. Go ahead and take the necessary steps to find out if you can plan (or help plan) an upcoming event for the company. If there isn’t an available budget, look into something inexpensive and informal that can still bring everyone together and serve as the coordinator.
    1. Take responsibility. No matter what it is, step up and take on responsibility. While responsibility often equals more work, figure out what type of work would feel less like work and more like enjoyment. If there is a new account that you really want, speak up and see if you can grab it. If there is a department needing restructuring, discuss a plan within leadership and figure out how to make it happen. Remind yourself that often times, things can be better, just no one is point it out. Go ahead and point it out, but be ready to devise a plan to make it better.

    Hopefully, these suggestions can help you make small changes that might lead to greater enjoyment.

    Is there anything else you do to make work a little more enjoyable? Please share!

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