8 Potentially Life-Threatening Situations in Daily Life [Infographic]

    By Frankie Xavier | Small Business

    In a world that’s becoming less and less safe, it’s important to approach everyday decisions in the most cautious manner. Nowadays, there is no such thing as being too careful. Why not do a little research beforehand? That extra step could make the difference between a good or bad date, and in some extreme cases– life or death.

    This infographic by BackgroundChecks addresses eight potentially life-threatening situations that one may encounter in daily life. It explores common decisions such as selecting safe neighborhoods, dating online, picking college roommates, staffing your business and a few others that are often overlooked. Additionally, it highlights some alarming facts/figures and stresses that these are real possibilities to be on the lookout for.

    8 Potentially Life Threatening Situations in Daily Life [Infographic] image Bg Checksinfographic18 Potentially Life Threatening Situations in Daily Life [Infographic]

    A close look at eight of life’s hacks to help keep you safe.

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