8 Great Techniques for High-Exposure Brand Building

We’ve discussed how to create content for online marketing campaigns time and time again, but if no one is reading the content what’s the point? Brand building is a joint effort that takes more than clicking a post button or sharing content to industry-related sources. Your job as a brand representative is to develop awareness of your content, according to an article on Search Engine Watch. Here are a few ways to maximize your content exposure:


When you’re writing high-quality, intriguing, and timely content, don’t just send it off to your Web developers to slap onto your company’s homepage. Instead, shape what you write into blogs and utilize top blogging sites and RSS feed sharing through platforms like WordPress, TypePad, Squarespace, and Blogger.


The content should be an appropriate length for whichever platform you decide to publish it on. However, without developing a clear message and an adequate amount of keyword support on the piece it will be difficult to harness organic readers.

Social Shouting

Because you already have Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and a handful of other social media accounts, create mini write-ups of your article, blog, or press release and “pimp it” through your social accounts. Individually, you may not gain that much exposure. But combined, you will undoubtedly pull in traffic.


If you write a piece that requires high-exposure and you want some help, consider pushing it through Sponsored Posts or Promoted Tweets. Sponsorship allows your piece to reach audiences who would not normally see it. You can also do this through platforms like StumbleUpon and Reddit. Or if you want to take another route, consider paid Facebook or Google ads to gain additional exposure. Make sure the ads are targeted correctly, the links work to the article or story, and they aren’t heavy in marketing content.


One of the best ways to promote content is through crosslinking. By adding in mentions to other websites, articles, and sources, you can build a repertoire with various bloggers by writing positive content. In turn, the bloggers may re-reference your own piece. You can also link back to previous content you have published. Bloggers want to keep their assets fresh, especially if a quality piece is buried beneath a hundred newer blogs.

Other Media

Words are easy to ignore on news and RSS feeds, but high-quality images and graphics tend to catch the eye. Consider wrangling in graphs, charts, image compilations, and other multi-media to tag beside your blog. If your piece looks great it will make a difference.


Is there a breaking news story out there that you can package into an industry-related post? Tie in any way you can as long as it is relevant. Searchers often stumble onto your article through trending searches.

Internal Promotion

If you market for a large corporation with 500 employees, that’s 500 additional sources of exposure. Ask if they would be so kind as to like a post or blog and share it on their own.

Also note that the Brand.com platform offers content management and access to world-class distribution networks that can help quality content reach countless readers.

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