7 Ways to Make Twitter Sing

7 Ways to Make Twitter Sing image Fotolia 48471552 XS 150x1507 Ways to Make Twitter SingTwitter is one of the easiest and fastest ways to engage and expand your client base when it comes to “social media marketing”. It doesn’t take a lot of technical savvy or internet know how in order to be successful at it. All you need is a little pre-planning and a few minutes out of your day. If you take a little time to gauge you audience, you can even have fun with it.

Here is a fast track lesson on how to make Twitter work for you:

    • Build your Twitter base by taking advantage of the follow button. Every follow you receive, you should follow right back. Use some common sense though, you might not want to follow someone with a name and a social agenda geared to just being a jerk on the internet.
      • Use Twitters’ suggested “Who to follow” advice box and follow everyone. Proper Twitter etiquette usually is to return the favor, so you should be able to see a growth of followers this way. I know sometimes the suggestions seem way off base, so just refresh the suggestions a few times until you find people who are less disturbing…Hopefully.
        • Develop a Twitter relationship with your customers. Respond back to all public and private messages. Clients like attention and respond favorably to it. You will always have the one or two that just can’t stop talking. Roll with the punches, my friend.
          • Create a witty Twitter relationship with complementary businesses. If you sell pens, send public twitter message to well-known paper companies. “@paper company, Can you handle the marks with #mynewpen?”

            If you dig through some of businesses’s previous messages, you can get an idea of how receptive they will be. Most people love witty banter and are more likely to follow you and retweet to their follower base. I would avoid getting too “Jerry Springer” on Twitter though.
            • Always use hashtags when mentioning your product or company, it is a good way to develop trends. You never know when something catches on one day, and before you know it you have an entire twitter congregation using your hashtag. Try to limit hashtags to one or two per post.
              • Make relevant comments to current news and events. “@mattdamon, need a #mynewpen for your toilet strike?”

                Staying lighthearted on fun newstopics can grab the attention of others.
                • Offer links to news articles and blog entries relevant to your business. It’s always good to provide useful information when you can, and it doesn’t look like you are shoving your brand down peoples throats (even if you want too).

                You do not have to pay Twitter advertising to take advantage of its huge customer base just waiting to be discovered. Go ahead, give it a little time and watch it expand.

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