7 Ways To Grow A Big Following On Pinterest

7 Ways To Grow A Big Following On Pinterest image pinterest logo207 Ways To Grow A Big Following On Pinterest

Pinterest can no longer be ignored. The social network is the go-to place for shoppers where they spend an average of $180. That’s more than any other social network. Pinterest hit 10 million US monthly unique visitors faster than any other independent site in history which shows Pinterest will keep on growing.

These are five things that you should do on Pinterest now so you can get a big following:

1. Pin stunning pictures. Pinterest is all about pictures. If your pictures are incredible, you will get more followers.

2. Don’t only pin stuff about business. On other social networks, a majority of the conversation is about business. On most social networks, the social media experts are always talking about social media with rare exceptions. Pinterest is different from the other social networks. Pinners often pin about their hobbies, not just their businesses.

3. Engage in the community. It’s important that you like, comment, and repin other people’s pins frequently. When people view that pin, they will see you repinned it and made a comment. When someone looks at the pins you have liked, they will follow you if they see a good pin.

4. Use Hashtags. Hashtags will make it easier for people to find you on Pinterest. If you talk about baseball, use #baseball a lot. When people search for pinners who pin about baseball, they are more likely to find you. You can also create your own hashtag for your business and encourage other people to use that hashtag.

5. Pin A Lot. All of the top pinners have well over 1,000 pins, and some of them have exceeded 10,000 pins. Just make sure you pins are good, and you will be getting more followers in no time.

6. Have a good bio. When a person decides whether or not to follow you, they take a look at your bio. Your potential followers will see your bio before they see any of your pins.

7. Include a link to your website or blog. People are more likely to follow you on Pinterest if your bio includes a link to your website or blog.

You won’t be able to grow a big following on Pinterest in a day. When it comes to growing a big following, patience is put to the test. If you consistently apply these 7 methods to your Pinterest plan, you will grow a big following in no time!

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