7 Tips For Event Planning To Capitalize On Social Influence

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Event planning is different with social media

In the past, influencers were local celebrities and the media. Today, influencers include those with significant online influence. As evidence of this monumental shift, NASA held a special launch event for those influential on Twitter. Theaters experiment with having Twitter sections to allow for live Tweets. Press conferences and other events take questions from Tweets in addition to or instead of live questions. President Obama even had a Twitter event.

And, while you still need to ensure your influencers have a great time and have access to your event, some things are just a little different.

Event planning: strategies for successfully incorporating social media into your event.

Saturday, the Washington Redskins treated me and my family to a fun-filled day at the 3rd preseason game versus the Bills. We got first row seats that included all the hot dogs, drinks, peanuts, and cookies you could eat and drink. The players were right in front of us and we shook hands with the cheerleaders. The Redskins hosted a party for us before and after the game, as well as giving us access to the club level. So, from my standpoint, the event was a huge success.

But, did the Redskins get anything back for all the money they spent on the event?

That’s a great question and, my personal belief is they could have gotten more bang for their buck.

Getting the most from your event planning

  1. Invite the right people. The Redskins used Klout scores to ensure they had folks who had some pull at their event. In this case, they only chose women because the goal was to foster more attendance from female fans. They also limited their search to influencers in the Greater DC area, as that’s where the team plays. The invitations were sharable on social networks so our community knew we were going to the game and could follow us. This is the first step in capitalizing on the influence of your attendee list. And, make sure they enjoy themselves.
  2. Communicate with attendees. We got great follow-up from event organizers and they were available by phone and email the day of the game when last minute questions came up.
  3. Share the # early. You really want folks to start Tweeting an hour or so before the event starts. I may have seen the # in some of the emails, but I was really looking for instructions about tickets. Make sure folks know your # and use it by separate email or by DM on Twitter. BTW, the # for the Redskins is #HTTR (hail to the Redskins).
  4. Ensure there’s good 4G (at least 3G) access to allow live Tweets from the event. In this case, their bandwidth just wasn’t up to the task of all the Tweets from influencers.
  5. Follow-up with influencers to ensure they had a great time.
  6. Assess the impact of your program. How many Tweets were sent? How many RT did these get?
  7. Use your analytics to improve the next event you plan.

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Improving your event planning

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