7 Steps To Move On A Shoestring Budget (Infographic)

Did you ever wish to move across the country? There are indeed numerous obstacles standing along your way to restrict you from your dream move. But it is advisable that you determine what is actually hindering you from moving. Is it the budget? Well, if you are a budget-conscious person then here are 7 best ways to move to a new destination without having to stretch your budget.

  • Planning

It is important that you plan your moving date instead of moving on any random date. It will also be wise if you would keep a back-up plan for emergencies and plan to move during the weekdays instead of busy weekends. This is because moving on a busy season can increase your cost up to 25%.

  • Saving on packing supplies

Instead of purchasing expensive moving supplies, you can refer to your friends who can provide you their used or waste empty boxes for your help. You can also seek help from social media platforms such as Twitter or classified websites from where you can find free moving boxes.

  • Holding a yard sale

According to researches, a yard sale can help you gain a lot if you are planning to move. Make the best use of your garden area.

  • Using the waste efficiently

For economical moving, it is best to make use of all the waste that you may have at your home. You can make use of towels, bed sheets, and rugs to pack your fragile items. Newspapers can be best for wrapping a lot of stuff.

  • Take help in moving from friends

You can reduce your labor cost up to dollar 30 by seeking your friends’ help for packing and unpacking.

  • Hiring professional movers and packers

When it comes to packing and moving the big, heavy or bulky items, you can always look up to professional movers and packers to do your job.

  • Reduce on-road cost

When you want to have a budget-free moving day, you can cut a lot on your on-road cost by choosing a bed and breakfast motel.

There are plenty of ways to make your moving day extremely economical and stress-free. So, do not take a hasty decision and move to your favorite destination, with your family or alone, but with proper planning and with the help of professional movers.


7 Steps To Move On A Shoestring Budget (Infographic) image flatrate dec7 Steps To Move On A Shoestring Budget (Infographic)

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