7 Precepts of Keeping Your Customers Happy In Business

    By Julia Spence | Small Business

    7 Precepts of Keeping Your Customers Happy In Business image customer satisfaction 300x2007 Precepts of Keeping Your Customers Happy In BusinessThe reality of being in business is not just getting customers; it is keeping customers. Businesses must keep up with the daily operations of the business, satisfying existing customers, and constantly bringing in new customers. It is not just about new products to entice new customers. A successful business is involved in many different worlds – customer service, accounting, customer satisfaction, and yes, marketing and advertising. Your marketing and advertising efforts, when performed properly, further your business, taking you to the next level.

    How To Keep Your Customers Happy
    There are many different areas you must focus on, so let’s start simple. Here’s a list of 7 precepts on keeping your customers happy.  Throughout these tips, remember that an easy way to get closer to them is to keep in mind (always) that your customers are real people. Yes, they have a dollar sign attached, and we see this. But we also see the enjoyment of being involved in something we love that we share with these customers. It is a great role as a business owner, and one that has a great deal of rewards.

      1. Acknowledge them. With that said, one positive way to keep customers happy is through interaction, starting with simple acknowledgment. Customers like to be acknowledged; they like being called by their name; and they like to be asked for their opinion. After all, this is their product, as well as time out of their busy day.
      2. Ask & Listen. One measure each business owner can take is to ask questions and listen to customer feedback. If small talk over the Net or in the office isn’t possible, then consider customer surveys, which are a great way to get feedback. Direct talking, on the other hand, is personal, effective, and lasting in the mind of the customer. A combination of both won’t hurt your business, and this is something to remember. It is nice to have a face and voice to go with that dollar sign, and you should interact with your customers whenever possible. With the feedback you have the advantage of customers alerting you to areas you are thriving in and areas you aren’t quite making the mark.
      3. Offer Rewards. Rewards are another way to make a big impression on a customer. If you happen to fly, then consider your airline. Likely you are like the rest of us, and you head for an airline that is notorious for offering their loyal customers perks, like frequent flyer accounts. You are a happy airline customer, right? Think of ways you could reward your loyal customers to keep them for life – even if it is something inexpensive in the mail from time to time, like a company pen or T-shirt.
      4. Remember Your Existing Customers. Existing customers are important, and whether you have a product the entire world wants or your competition is stiff, you must remember your existing customers. Don’t become so confident that you begin to form the attitude that they will be there tomorrow, as well. The world, especially the business world, is constantly changing, and you need to keep your existing customers happy so that their loyalty remains with you.
      5. Stay Unique & Up on the Trends. Being unique and keeping up with the trends should also be a priority. Here there are a number of areas that you can make a statement, express your business, and make customers happy. It might be mobile advertising. It could be your social media (which is something that no modern-day business should be without), or it might be something unique about your product – maybe 19 others are selling the same product, but maybe you go a step further and have something special attached, or a platform where your customers can engage in new information and keep up with the latest trends. New information that isn’t just “copy and paste,” but an actual human with thoughts – something all customers can relate to.
      6. Prioritize Your Content In Marketing & Advertising. One of the most important things in marketing and advertising will be your content. Yes, your techniques and methods need to be strong and effective, but they won’t go too far if you have a poorly written script. To sell, you need strong words, you need a connection with the reader; therefore, you need skill. Content writing isn’t something to be undervalued; quality is essential.
      7. It’s simple. Make It About Them.  When you market and advertise, keeping your customers in mind is essential. Where are they; who are you targeting; what do they want to know or hear? From methods and techniques to copywriting, you need to grab the potential customer, the public’s eye, from the headline on. You need to get to where they are, and once there you need to be the human emotion they want to hear, or the strong million-dollar voice they listen to with confidence. You need to have the tools customers find useful, and you need to present them properly.
      8. Take your site, for instance. It doesn’t have to look fancy, but it does have to gain the approval of your customers and potential customers. It needs to be interesting, well organized, and easy to navigate. It must load quickly, or in those short 60 seconds of load time, the consumer will lose interest and turn to the competitor. Once there, your site must be equipped with the tools that make a difference in today’s modern world. Things must be easily found; information must be there; and products must be nicely and neatly outlined and presented.

    Keeping your customers happy takes many different approaches. Success is built on the quality of your product or service, and it is built on the quality of your business – your company representation or reflection, your customer service, your gratitude toward customers, and so on.

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