7 Online Tools To Attract Top Interns

Calling all interns! Your company has established a knockout internship program, and now you’re seeking the best and brightest young talent to thrive within your opportunities. Even in the stiffly competitive job climate, attracting top interns can be a challenge.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of online tools to help you spread the word about your unique opportunities. While you may already be building a strong community on Facebook and regularly engaging  in topical conversations on Twitter (both one-on-one and through Twitter chats), there are many other online tools to consider when attracting top interns.

If you’re one of the 53 percent of companies looking to hire more interns in 2013, showcasing your one-of-a-kind company culture as a means of recruiting top talent involves a smart initiative. Before you jump on every and any social channel, keep in mind that you must choose the best tools to match your specific industries. Increasing online visibility should be a collaborative effort, this means your CEO, product managers, and marketing department should all have their hands in the pot stirring up your presence.

Consider the following online tools to build your presence and attract interns who match-up:

1. LinkedIn Groups. This professional social networking site has become a hub for both employers and job seekers. But, simply posting an opportunity to your company page won’t cut it if you’re looking to rally interest of students. Instead, harness the power of LinkedIn groups.

A simple search comes across a seemingly endless stream of internship program groups for big-name brands. Build your intern community in this forum-driven setting by opening your group up to potential, current, and previous interns. The group admin can allow group members to post job listings specifically in the Jobs Discussion section of the forum. Admins and members can also post blogs, informational articles, and polls, all while encouraging conversation among group members. Your presence will help to build an engaged community of potential talent to spread the word about your internships and overall company culture.

2. Google Hangouts. This Google+ video chat feature will be your company’s gateway to reaching some of the most suitable talent in your industry. At CBS Interactive, internship-themed Google Hangouts are one of the most regularly cited reasons interns decided to apply at the company. By scheduling video chats with potential intern candidates, you can open up the floor to a variety of topics and questions regarding your company, internship opportunities, and even your industry. You can even turn your Google Hangout videos into content for your blog, for those potential candidates who missed an opportunity to tune-in and chat.

3. Vine. Twitter’s latest mobile app for six-second videos provides for an interesting opportunity during your quest to attract intern talent. While you may not have hopped on the Vine bandwagon it for just yet, many brands have been quick at inventing creative ways to utilize this video app. You may not have the advantage a physical product to hook your audience, but you can still use this video app to spread the word about your awesome company culture.

Give potential interns a glimpse into the inner workings of your company. Do this by displaying your creative and fun nature, let them travel to events with you, and give your brand a memorable visual element, all while using looping, six-second videos. This visual brand element will allow potential candidates to learn what exactly they can experience with you.

4. Instagram. Your potential intern candidates are likely already using this mobile photo app. Allow them to follow your company’s every move through the images you share with them on this app. Brands everywhere are beginning to use Instagram as a tool for communicating their company culture.

Marriott Careers is currently utilizing their Instagram to share what makes their hotels unique in an attempt to gain the interest of potential employees. They’re even letting their current staff share their experiences in simple “Where I Belong” snapshots exclaiming  their employment year. How do you plan to visually showcase your company to top interns?

5. Pinterest. The average user of this social pinboard site spends about 98 minutes per month perusing and pinning. While this site is attractive for displaying consumer products, especially those of the retail category, it’s also a great way to spread the word about your company.

If you’re looking to boost awareness for your internships, take a lesson from Starbucks. They are reaching their candidate audience in a very personal and visual way. Their Pinterest account is just one of the mediums they use to share stories about the life and culture of their employees in both the store and corporate settings.

6. YouTube. Video provides employer brands with a more impactful way to tell stories of their company culture to potential hires. Use this video medium to capture a variety of different elements of your company culture. You can showcase the more fun side of your workplace, for example, in a Gangnam Style video. Give your potential hires a chance to experience a day in the life of a current employee or intern by creating a short video with their daily encounters. YouTube can also act as a great hub for all of your unique employee testimonial videos.

7. Quora. This question-and-answer platform is a great place to spark conversations with the people who matter most to your internship program. Plenty of students are already using this platform to post questions they have about the culture of certain company’s, interviewing techniques, internship perks, bad press, or simply to find out if they’re still hiring for their internship program. This opens up a conversation for your company’s employees, and sometimes even the CEO, to hop on to give students the direct answer’s they’re seeking. students all over to participate.

In addition to showcasing company culture and building awareness for internship opportunities, these tools are helpful for staying up to date with what’s being said about your company. Attracting the top talent within your industry demands online visibility on a variety of platforms and in trending mediums. Utilize these tools to showcase your culture and find the perfect match for it.

What do you think is the best online tool for attracting talent within your industry?

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