7-Year-Old Boy Uses Sleeping Dad’s Finger To Unlock iPhone

    By James Kosur | Small Business

    7 Year Old Boy Uses Sleeping Dads Finger To Unlock iPhone image 7 Year Old Hacks Dads iPhone7 Year Old Boy Uses Sleeping Dads Finger To Unlock iPhone

    Various law enforcement agencies have rallied against the encryption standards set forth by iPhone fingerprint technology. Those agencies claim that the iPhone will soon become the device of choice for pedophiles and other criminals. In order to access a users iPhone, you must have them place their own finger on the smartphones sensor, but only if they have turned on that passcode feature.

    While the FBI has largely failed to bypass Apple’s new encryption technology, a 7-year-old boy has found a simple way to fool his parents. 7-year-old Harrison Green waited for his dadd to fall asleep and then hovered his finger over the sensor, thus defeating his strong fingerprint encryption choice.

    The irony of this story, according to CNN Money, is that the young boy’s father is Cryptographic expert Matthew Green. It looks like finding ways to break password configurations runs in the family.

    Biometrics security is harder to break in many cases than other forms of password based security, but access to a person’s finger print solves that barrier.

    A Virginia Circuit Court judge recently determined that police can use your finger to unlock your smartphone without consent. The judge made his ruling because no “knowledge” is divulged in the process of using a suspects finger to unlock their device. A password on the other hand can be refused under fifth amendment rights.

    The better solution? Rely on a mixture of password protection and biometrics to create a system that is much more cumbersome to hack.

    If you’re a heavy sleeper, you might want to learn from 7-year-old Harrison Green and lock your smartphone with a password before you go to bed. Otherwise, you might end up with $100 in Candy Crush in-app purchases courtesy of your kids.

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