6 Writing Tips For Content Marketers

This writing thing’s not easy. To do it well takes lots of practice. To succeed in business online, it’s completely necessary. Content marketing is as necessary in the life of a business as accounting or administrative work.

Here are a few quick tips to help you through your next project:

Write, Then Edit – Let it all out onto the screen. Just let it pour. Then, go back and edit. When we deliberate too long the first pass through, we tend to kill creativity. You can go back and improve word choice and fix spelling and grammar on a second or third pass through. That way the best ideas aren’t killed in your head.

Know When To Walk Away – That blank white screen can be an intimidating force. Sometimes we just don’t know how to fill it. Accept that, and go take a walk. Take out the garbage. Do something. It can be short and sweet. Sometimes we just need to walk away. Some of the best ideas come when we don’t force them.

Work Distraction Free – That’s right. Shut the door. Close the Facebook tab. Invest in a good pair of headphones. Don’t let anything get between you and the words that you’re using to fill the screen. Try it for a half hour or an hour. Full attention. Our brains don’t always work this way anymore. We’ve gotten used to the distraction. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Read The Back Of The Cereal Box – Or anything else you can get your hands on. Read the industry books and blogs. Read the fiction or non-fiction that you absolutely love. It’s the best way to keep informed and keep the ideas flowing. When you read outside your industry you can look for ways to apply those ideas.

Make Connections In Your Brain – What has walking your dog taught you about the industry you work in? On the surface they may have no connection. But when you dig deeper, maybe there’s something Fido is trying to teach you. Listen to what the world around you is trying to say, and use your right brain to make those connections.

Read Your Work Out loud – You’ll be amazed what you catch verbally. It’s the best way to establish a rhythm to your work and catch mistakes that may otherwise seep through the cracks.

Know When To Hire – Sometimes it’s just time to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to hire a marketing writer.

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