6 Rewards that Make Us Feel Valued at Work

    By Marc Miller | Small Business

    Do you feel valued at work?

    6 Rewards that Make Us Feel Valued at Work image valued6 Rewards that Make Us Feel Valued at WorkThe #2 reason people leave their job is because they do not feel valued at work. The #1 reason is the boss!

    So what makes you feel valued at work?

    Most of us want 2 to 3 of the following 6 rewards:

    1. The Mission

    I have found some of those in the military or in non-profit work that the mission of the organization is the imperative. If they believe in the what the organization is doing and they feel they are having an impact, nothing else is important.

    Is this you? Have you been deeply aligned with the mission of your organization?

    2. The Bonus Check

    Only some of you are motivated by money. I hear the chant, if we pay them more or give them a bonus, we will get greater productivity! Most of the time, this does not work.

    Really good sales people are often motivated by money or a bonus check.

    Have you felt really valued when you got a bonus check?

    3. Public Recognition

    There are some who are motivated by being recognized publicly. Do you have a wall of plaques in your office?

    Does being recognized by your peers make you feel good and feel valued?

    4. Pat on the Back from Your Boss

    Do you need feedback from your boss that you are doing a good job? How frequently do you want that feedback?

    I have a client who needs this feedback. I told him to go ask his boss how he was doing.

    When he asked, his boss said, “You are doing great work!”

    My client then asked, “Can you tell me that more often?”

    His boss replied, “Yes, and thank you for telling me that.”

    I claim that most managers do not know how to motivate their employees. You need to tell them!

    Do you need the validation of your boss to feel valued at work?

    5. Pat on the Back from you Team

    Does it feel good when your team tells you you have done a good job? This is particularly true of our younger generations who have grown up in school and sports as part of teams.

    Do you need your team to feel valued at work?

    6. Pat on the Back from your Client

    Is it important that your client tells you that you have done a good job?

    For me, this is my #1 reward. I can tell you my worst jobs were when I never met the end customer who bought the services or products we produced. In fact, my first year of teaching high school was incredibly difficult. In your first year of teaching, your kids give you nothing but crap! It is in the second year when your first year students come back and tell you how much they appreciated your efforts. That first year was really tough.

    Which two or three of these rewards make you feel valued?

    Have you ever asked for them at work?

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