6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    By Brittney Ervin | Small Business

    Business as Usual? Not with These iPhone 6 Apps

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image small 4732700819.jpg6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6With the newest iPhone available for purchase, many Apple enthusiasts have moved on from the iPhone 5 to the greener pastures (and slimmer lines) of the newest iPhone issue. Being tech-savvy is a professional advantage for people in many different fields, and utilizing the latest and greatest apps for your smartphone can help you stay up-to-date on recent developments in your field, informed on a variety of news topics, and organized during your business travels and busiest weeks.

    Perhaps you’re new to the iPhone universe, however, and aren’t sure which apps would be most beneficial to you in your professional life. We’ve created a list of our favorite business-friendly apps to help you get started.

    Transmit IOS

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image transmit app.png6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    If you’re like most businesspeople, being able to store a lot of files on your smartphone is an asset to staying productive, especially on business trips.

    Transmit IOS makes file storage and transfer effortless; it lets you open files directly off of servers like Amazon, allows you to edit those files, and provides sleek, attractive graphics for sorting and storing a variety of files.

    Even if you aren’t connected to other servers, Transmit is an outstanding app in its own right, providing you with a place to store, upload, and download files, sort and rename those files and make corresponding folders, taking all the guesswork out of your file storing needs.

    Price: $10.00

    The New Premium Evernote

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image evernote.png6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    If you’re familiar with the world of smartphones, you’ve likely heard of Evernote, the go-to app for recording ideas, journaling about new developments, making lists and generally keeping your professional life in working order.

    The New Evernote for Apple’s IOS features even more business-friendly features, like web-clipping, options for note presentation, and a newsfeed to keep you up to date. Premium Evernote still provides users with the outstanding features they’ve come to love, like easy list-making and journaling, to ensure that your ideas are captured and accessible.

    Price: $5.00/month

    Fantastical 2

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image fantastical.png6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    Managing a schedule can be a headache, especially when time changes, flights, and hotel stays are in the picture. A scheduling app can be very valuable to those of you who are constantly moving, whose schedule are packed with meetings, project deadlines and client dinners.

    Fantastical 2, with its new IOS 8 format, is syncable with your iPhone 6 reminders. Fantastical will allow you to build a schedule, view it in user-friendly “week” mode, and toggle between different events and reminders on your schedule.

    You can set arrival and departure times for meetings and events as well, ensuring that your schedule is perfectly executed, no matter the occasion. Fantastical is a much superior alternative to the iPhone’s stock calendar app, offering features and usability that can streamline the schedules of even the busiest people.

    Price: $2.99

    Yahoo Weather

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image yahoo weather.png6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    It goes without saying that the weather forecast is important knowledge for pretty much anyone who ventures outside of their home on a regular basis. For business travelers, the weather may be the difference between arriving to a meeting on time or suffering a delayed flight. For these reasons, an efficient weather app is must-have for all busy people.

    For IOS 8, no weather app is as beautiful as Yahoo Weather. High-resolution, aerial photographs of cityscapes, physical features, landmarks and more characterize a city’s weather homepage. In addition to the stunning photography, Yahoo Weather provides users with a five or ten-day forecast, complete with attractive graphics, put to perfect use by the iPhone 6’s larger screen.

    Wind speed, precipitation, visibility, UV index, wind and pressure readings, the phases of the moon and a local map are also included, making Yahoo Weather the heavyweight of weather apps for you new iPhone 6.

    Price: Free

    Dragon Dictation

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image dragon dictation1.png6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    Staying in touch with colleagues or employees is an important part of business; when you’re on-the-go, however, finding time to type out lengthy emails or messages can be a challenge. If you struggle to communicate effectively due to the time consumption of traditional typing, Dragon Dictation is a great app to have on your smartphone.

    With Dragon Dictation, all you have to do is speak. With its renowned NaturallySpeaking software, you can be confident that your words are understood and are being translated accurately into your messages. Dragon Dictation can allow you to stay connected to your current task without the distraction of typing; you can create messages in a variety of environments, quickly and easily.

    Price: Free

    Voice Brief

    6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6 image voice brief.png6 Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

    It’s important to stay up-to-date on all of the relevant information in your life, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in traffic or are constantly traveling for business. Unfortunately, not all environments are conducive to reading, so staying abreast of important news can be a challenge.

    Voice Brief is an outstanding app that will actually read your important daily news to you. Facebook and Twitter updates, world news, weather, stocks and industry relevant news can all be read to you quickly and easily by launching Voice Brief. You can even have your personal schedule read to you while you’re busy accomplishing other tasks.

    Price: $2.99

    So there you have it: a short list of our favorite apps for your new iPhone 6, each of which offers unique abilities and benefits to help you streamline your life. From scheduling to weather to staying informed, there is an app out there to help you along your way. What are some of your favorite apps for the new iPhone?

    photo credit: Jorge Quinteros via photopin cc

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