6 Advertising Ideas for Your Business

So you want to let people you know about your business.  Advertising is a good place to start – that’s what it’s there for. You know that Plop Plop Fizz Fizz is the sound of Alka-Seltzer, that milk does a body good, and that things go better with Coke.  So what can you do to have your business or organization on the tips of people’s tongues? Advertising is a good start. But maybe you are short of advertising ideas. No worries.

Here are some advertising ideas — tips about how you can use ads for your business, and some of the pros and cons:

  • Promotional products: Whether it is a small item like pens or lip balms, or bigger products like t-shirts, tote bags, and hats, giving away promotional products is a good form of advertising. And who knows? You may become so popular some day that people will buy stuff with your name on it, the way people buy and cherish Apple t-shirts.
  • Newspaper ads: While newspaper advertising is no longer the force it once was, some local businesses, such as restaurants, movie theaters and car dealerships, do see a benefit from running such ads – people still expect to see their ads in the paper. These ads can be pricey, though.
  • Radio and television ads: Both local and national businesses have seen increased sales by using these methods of advertising. Products that have a catchy radio or TV commercial can get their name out very quickly. In addition, with the advent of cable TV and TV shows and radio stations that appeal to segmented audience, it is easier to reach your perfect customer than ever, albeit at a cost that may be hard for a small business.
  • Billboards: This old-school method of advertising can still draw attention. However, it also can be pricey, plus you will be locked into the ad for at least a month or two, which means you could be stuck with a non-dynamic ad that will stay the same for that time, without you being sure how effective it is.
  • Internet advertising: This form of advertising is growing in popularity, as the web continues to grow as a web and entertainment source. From pay-per-click efforts to web display ads and other methods like Google AdSense, more and more businesses are using internet advertising, especially because they can target audiences.
  • Email newsletter advertising: This has the advantages of internet advertising, with the benefit of being able to further target your audience, and have more cost-effective rates. With internet advertising platforms like LiveIntent, you can have the ads show up only in email newsletters for your target audience, where you only pay for the ads when somebody opens the email.

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