50 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. As usual, for startup tips and story suggestions, feel free to email us or tell us about your startup here. Any juicy news tips go here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. The Luxe Nomad | Singapore

Launched in June 2012, The Luxe Nomad is an invitation-only luxury travel deals site. After recently securing funding to boost growth, we talked to the founder to hear her story. It’s part of our female entrepreneurship series.

2. Joota | Malaysia

Joota is a social network for content that aims to give people and businesses the tools to make meaningful filters and connections out of the web’s information overload. The startup revealed that it has a new funding round of funding this week.

3. Smart Voicemail | India

Smart Voicemail, which was showcased at Techcrunch Disrupt this past week, aims to make voicemail smarter, allowing users to update their voicemail like a Facebook status message or a tweet.

4. Prodigy | Indonesia

Indonesia’s Prodigy aims to provide an online gaming platform for the nation. It already has over a million users on its platform. The startup currently focuses on publishing global games in Indonesia, with the developing partners mostly from China.

5. Qwikwire | Philippines

Qwikwire aims to help solve the issue around Filipino freelancers receiving payments on platforms such as Odesk and Freelancer when they do not have a bank account or credit card. The startup is in beta after eight months of building.

6. Coupondunia | India

India-based coupon-clipping site CouponDunia has just launched a site for Indonesia filled with discount vouchers that can be used on local e-commerce sites like Zalora, Lazada, Tiket, and Rakuten Belanja Online. Currently, there are about 140 offers available for free on the platform. Will e-coupons take off in Indonesia as they’ve done in India?

7. Paktor | Singapore

Originally from Singapore and recently launched in Thailand, Paktor helps users find people nearby who share mutual interests, and allows them to connect to each other while still remaining anonymous. Yes, it’s for dating. Paktor is aiming to launch in more countries.

8. Zenius| Indonesia

Launched in 2007, Zenius is an online learning platform that aims to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. The platform offers video content and exercises for elementary to senior high school students, focusing on subjects that are tested in national examinations.

9. Stylista | Thailand

Back in May 2012, Bangkok-based gaming company Sandbox Global was in the process of launching an English language version of its Facebook fashion game Stylista for Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Now, Sandbox Global has done exactly that – both localizing the game and expanding it to the other markets. Now it’s ready for the next big step: getting more funding and launching a new game.

10. Klamr | Vietnam

Scheduling mobile app Klamr is developed by Skunkworks, a startup funded by Bryan Pelz who was CEO of VNG for several years in its early days. The app helps people schedule meetups with their friends and allows multiple users to get on one “Klamr”, or chat box, where people can chat together about where to go finalize their meetup.

11. Pulsk | Indonesia

Launched in September last year, Pulsk is a Pinterest-style social content platform that crowdsources its content to users. The platform has recently rolled out a new design and added new features, including an enhanced user profile page and has plans to add more features like a social sharing hub so members’ posts can connect to their other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

12. Simplilearn | India

Simplilearn, which started as a blog in 2009 to share ideas on project management, is now one of the most global startups in India. Today, the education and learning startup has a presence in 50 different nations and has expanded its biz-oriented online lessons to other areas like agile and scrum certification, IT service management, and big data and cloud computing training. The startup raised series B funding this week.

13. Kareerko | Philippines

Kareerko is a job listings platform that has features to match potential employees to suitable job positions. Kareerko also provides recommendations with a list of job opportunities based on ratings to help job seekers find what suits them best based on their skill sets.

14. NDFy | Philippines

Launched in beta in December last year, NDFy is a new music streaming that helps local indie music artists get discovered.

15. Brand-Pit | Japan

Brand-Pit, the winner of the Startup Sauna Tokyo pitching competition, is a startup that uses object recognition to better help marketers identify their own products on the internet. Yes, we also want to read the name as “Brad Pitt”.

16. Splitforce | China

Splitforce, a China Axlr8r accelerator graduate, provides solutions for small- and medium-sized mobile app developers to incorporate a lightweight A/B testing SDK into their products. Currently, it is free for apps with up to 1,000 daily active users.

17. Shout For Good | Australia

Australia’s Shout For Good is a micro-donation platform to fundraise for organizations. On top of monetary contributions, it also allows users to donate items often taken for granted, such as a cup of coffee, water, or even movie tickets, all for various good causes.

18. Spungry | Singapore

Set to be officially launched next month, Spungry is a group buying startup which focuses on only food and beverages deal. It, has plans to disrupt the industry by only taking SG $1 out of each deal and buyers can pay the rest of the deal directly when dining at the restaurants.

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