50 Crazy Facts About The Winter Olympics [Infographic]

50 Crazy Facts About The Winter Olympics [Infographic] image winter olympic factsresize50 Crazy Facts About The Winter Olympics [Infographic]

The Winter Olympics have gone through some significant changes since its beginning, in 1924, mainly due to the growth of its fame. With the evolution of television and the broadcasting of the event, the games became lucrative and sponsors came along. Although this growth was at the core of some protests and boycotts against the event, it also led to its globalization.

Since the first Winter Olympics, which occurred in France, ten countries have received the Winter Games. The United States has hosted the event four times – two at Lake Placid, one in Salt Lake City and another one in Squaw Valley –, more than any other country. In second place, France received three editions of the games. And these are just some of the numbers we have to show you about the Winter Olympics, the main theme of our latest infographic. Now, it’s time to think about the future, with the next issue of the games being held in the resort of Sochi, Russia, in February 2014.

The decision for the location of the next Winter Olympics was made in 2007, when Sochi was elected as the host city. The Russian city will be the first place with a subtropical climate to host the Winter Olympics. All of the mountain venues will be located 30 miles away in the alpine region known as Krasnaya Polyana.

Looking even more into the future, the 2018 edition will happen in the Pyeongchang county, in South Korea. This host city was chosen, by absolute majority, in the 123rd Session of the International Olympic Committee, in 2011. The Pyeongchang county overcame major applications submitted by Munich, in Germany, or by Annecy, in France. But this is the future! If you want to know more about the past of the games check our amazing infographic with the best 50 facts about the Winter Olympics.


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