5 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Videos and Channel :: Magnet Minute (video)

On this week’s Magnet Minute, Amy shares ways to optimize your YouTube channel and videos in order to increase chances of being discovered within search and grow your audience. And these are just some of the tips! Don’t just focus on these tips for future content, also visit previous Magnet Minute episodes to see how you can tweak things and increase your content’s potential.


Your headline is the most important line of copy in your entire video. While all of the other areas are important as well, this is what people read first and use to decide whether or not they’ll click to watch. So make sure you’re getting to the point very quickly, in the first four or five words. It’s especially useful to include the YouTube channel’s name of any people or events that might be in your video as well so you can increase the chances of being found by people interested in those topics.


You need to use up as many of the available 1,000 characters as you can. Google and YouTube can’t watch your video. The only way it knows anything about it is to read your provided copy. The headline can only help you so much, so use the description to explain what you mean to say in greater detail. If you’ll notice, each Magnet Minute upload posts identical copy twice: once in the original blog post and once in the description text box on YouTube, which is a great way to knock out two birds with one stone. Also, be sure to transcribe your videos so you can upload a caption file along with them, providing the search engines with every spoken word, verbatim. Make sure to also name that file properly, helping YouTube to instantly YouTube find similar content to compare to yours.


Keywords are a great place to tap into the search terms that you envision being used to find content like what is in your video. One term you ALWAYS want to use is your own channel name. This helps YouTube send viewers to more of your content rather than other channels’ content. Also think about the typical questions words like “how to” or “tutorial” if they should apply and add them to your tags.

YouTube Partner Program

There are a lot of perks for those who opt to monetize their channels and videos with YouTube. Sure, you’re not going to get paid much until you have a pretty large audience, but the features you get access to for being a partner are more than enough incentive to upgrade your account. Personalized thumbnails are key. At the same moment users are reading your headline, they’re also looking at your thumbnail image to see if it provides an extra push to click on your video and watch. You should partner with YouTube for these and other features too, like linking to your home website with annotations (a new and awesome feature).

Consistency and Commenting

Whenever you’re on a regular schedule of posting and answering comments, you’re simultaneously encouraging your audience to trust you and come back. Staying engaged with your community will help it grow, which will definitely contribute to better search results.

How do you optimize your YouTube channel?

Any thoughts on optimizing videos on YouTube? Do you do so already? Or do you plan to implement any of Amy’s tips? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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