5 Ways to Optimize Your B2B Retargeting

Almost all of us have experienced retargeting as consumers. We visit Zappos.com, for instance, and suddenly see online display ads for shoes on various websites. There’s a reason why Zappos and countless other retailers use retargeting: Because it works.

As a b2b marketer, you should consider using it, too. Implementing a basic retargeting program is simple and painless. By placing retargeting pixels on your website pages, Internet users who visit your site are identified (anonymously) and can then be served online display ads for your company and products as they travel the Web. Retargeting is effective for keeping your brand top of mind with prospects who, while they have visited your website and indicated an interest in your offerings, haven’t converted by sharing an email address or other contact information.

Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of your retargeting efforts:

Segment audiences. An Internet user who visits your home page typically is different than one who digs deeper and visits a variety of product pages. Treat prospects different based on where they are in the funnel.

Vary your creative. To a prospect who visits your homepage, an ad with a branding message might suffice. For a prospect who has viewed a specific product page, a display ad offering a discount on that particular product may be appropriate. Also consider testing versions of display ads to gauge which messages or creative deliver better performance.

Cap retargeting impressions. Don’t get greedy. Limit retargeting impressions to three per 24 hours, for example. And don’t endlessly message your retargeting pool. Put a limit on total impressions for individual prospects, too.

Take advantage of retargeting’s versatility. Website retargeting is the best known format of the display advertising tactic, but retargeting pixels can also be attached to other Internet destinations. For instance, you can retarget Internet users who have clicked on links in your Facebook posts or in your Tweets. Additionally, you can retarget prospects who have visited your search landing pages. And you can even retarget prospects who have viewed your YouTube videos.

Be transparent. Consider giving users an easy way of opting out of your retargeting pool.

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