5 Ways to Leverage Guest Blogging to Generate Revenue Online

Guest blogging is one of the most effective online marketing strategies today.

People are getting phenomenal results from it and it’ll only become increasingly popular. In fact, I predict that guest blogging will become even more popular in 2013 than it was in 2012.

Instead of guest blogging just for traffic in 2013, you can make guest blogging a core part of your online revenue strategy.

Whether you’re a blogger or do any kind of marketing online, effective guest blogging can help you generate a lot of revenue online and this article will be sharing 5 ways you can make money through guest blogging in 2012.

1. Create Your Own Product

The most effective way to make money online is by creating a product.

Creating a product often takes time and effort, and you’ll only get results if you can prove your expertise, but it’s one of the most effective ways to make money as a result of guest blogging.

There have been several case studies of people making money through guest blogging by channeling traffic from their guest posts to their products.

One great example is Jon Morrow, and he apparently makes at least $2,000 for any guest post he publishes.

He doesn’t get paid that amount by the blogs publishing his guest post; hardly any blog will pay that much for an article, but by driving traffic to his webinars and products. In return, he makes sales and get new customers.

While you can create any kind of product, it’s important to think long-term.

Create a membership site

So, instead of creating an ebook or releasing audios or videos for download, focus on generating recurring revenue by creating a membership site.

As long as it’s properly priced, people are willing to pay for a monthly membership than to pay for high-ticket products; that’s the kind of business model that will be very profitable.

A real-life example of someone who does this effectively is Carol Tice from the MakeaLivingWriting.com blog; Carol is able to generate 5 figures monthly by creating a membership site that costs $25 a month. Carol was able to grow the membership site to over 500 members in around a year mainly by getting published on top blogs like Copyblogger.com and FreelanceSwitch.com.

Creating a membership site also doesn’t have to be complicated. Depending on the platform you use, you might have to use a combination of services and plugins to create a solid membership site.

You don’t have to, however. You can also go for an automated platform that handles everything like Membershipped.com.

2. Offer Freelancing/Consulting Services

Another approach is to offer your services as a freelance writer or consultant; this is exactly what I do with my guest posts and I know a lot of other people doing it.

To prove its effectiveness, a guest post I submitted last year to DailyBlogTips.com resulted in a gig that makes me 4 figures monthly.

That’ll be at least $12,000 a year just from writing one guest post, and I’ve written a lot.

A guest post I wrote for Problogger.net early this year resulted in a client paying me much more; that goes to show the power of guest blogging for client generation.

If you want to make money quick, offering your services as a freelancer or consultant is a smart approach and I suspect it’ll become more popular in 2013.

The difference will be that people will still be making the same old mistakes.

You don’t have to.

Set up a basic website by using a do it yourself platform like Easy WebContent (if you prefer HTML websites) or go the hard route and create a WordPress blog. It’ll probably take some hours of your time, or you could hire a designer.

Position yourself as a freelancer or consultant on your website and write quality guest posts for top blogs in your niche with a link back to your services.

That’s what I’m doing now and it’s been pretty effective.

3. Become a “Professional Guest Blogger”

This is so subtle but can be very effective.

Professional guest bloggers now make as much as $100 – $200+ for a guest post published on a reputable website.

The idea behind this is simple; you work as a freelance writer but in this case you’re paid to guest post on other blogs. Companies that need content published on major sites will pay you to do outreach and, most times, writing for them and you get paid when you’re able to get a guest post published.


How to Make Money by Offering Your Services as a Guest Blogger

4. Use Guest Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Apart from being very effective for generating traffic, paying customers and clients, guest blogging is also currently one of the most effective ways to build backlinks.

In return for contributing a guest post to most blogs they’ll be happy to include a link back to your site in a short bio.

Instead of linking to your blog homepage in your bio, create affiliate product review pages on your blog and link to these pages instead. Or build an email list that can help you build relationships with subscribers, share your strategy with them and in the process make money promoting affiliate products.

Gradually, you’ll improve in the SERPs for these review pages and you’ll make sales when people start checking out your review.

Someone who effectively leverages guest blogging to use this as a core part of his revenue strategy is Brett Lindenberg from 500amonth.com.

5. Write for Blogs that Pay Guest Bloggers

This is another effective way to make money through guest blogging that I’ve explored.

There are hundreds of websites out there that will pay you to contribute a guest post.

Most of these blogs pay just $50 for a guest post and some pay in excess of $1,000 for an accepted guest post, but this is one of the easiest ways to make money as a guest blogger.

With this approach, you can make money and still employ the other methods listed above.

There are blogs that will pay you to submit a guest post to them and still have a link to your site in the bio; not only do you make money instantly, you also drive traffic, gain customers or build backlinks to your website using any of the above listed approach.


30 Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly

How to Get the Most from Your Guest Blogging Campaigns

Guest blogging is easier said than done.

I wrote hundreds of guest posts before making a cent from my guest blogging efforts, but over the past two years I’ve improved and now easily make as much as I made from 100+ guest post from only 3 guest posts.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that guest blogging is easier said than done.

Here’s how you can get the most from your guest blogging campaigns and make money quickly.

1. Determine Your Target Blogs Carefully: While guest blogging can be very profitable, you won’t get results by posting on every blog.

What I do to get results from guest blogging is to determine my target blogs carefully; instead of writing for every blog I can get published on, I only focus on quality blogs relevant to my niche and that has my target audience.

For example, when promoting my freelance/consulting service I don’t necessarily target blogs owned by other freelancers. I target blogs where my customers are; if you’re a real estate blogger/freelance writer, this will be a real estate blog, not a writing/blogging website.

2. I Automate Guest Blogging: When you write a lot of guest posts you suddenly find the outreach process stressful, not to consider the fact that, except you’ve built some authority, some blogs you reach out to won’t accept your guest post. Some would accept your guest post and won’t publish it or keep you updated for months.

This can be rare but it does happen, and when it does it can be stressful.

A great way to automate guest blogging is by leveraging guest blogging tools/platforms. My favorites are:

PostJoint: PostJoint makes it easy for blog owners and guest bloggers to connect and almost automatically get quality articles published. You submit your post, wait for a blogger to pick it up and get results. You don’t have to pitch or wait.

MyBlogGuest: MyBlogGuest is also a very effective guest blogging community; it is in form of a forum and allows you to interact with other guest bloggers in various niches.

With the above tools, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your guest posts published. You can also be guaranteed that more of your guest posts will be published.

3. I Focus on What Works: You don’t necessarily have to write for a blog because others are raving about it; try it and, if it works for you, get published on it again. If a blog doesn’t work for you after a few tries, no matter how big it is, drop it since it does not have your target audience.

How Do You Make Money from Guest Blogging?

Do you know it is possible to make money from guest blogging? What other ways can someone make money from guest blogging?

Kindly let us know in the comments!

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