5 Ways to Bring New Life to Your Marketing Strategy

If your sales have been lackluster lately, it could be because your marketing strategy has become stale. With the ever-changing technological landscape, the things that worked 10 years ago no longer reach your prospects. Here are a few things you can do to capitalize on current trends and capabilities:

  1. Recognize the uniqueness of your visitors. Survey your visitors to see how they prefer to use your site. Make it easy to get to popular areas of the site. Be sure you don’t accidentally hide the less-visited parts, though – some visitors still want to get to those areas, and they may leave if they think their favorite parts have been eliminated.
  2. Update your mobile strategies. Years ago, mobile devices were only a minor factor in marketing. Now, portable devices are almost ubiquitous. Tablets and pads are becoming more popular, and even cell phones typically have Internet capabilities. It’s a good idea to update your site so that it can be viewed on all of these devices. You should also push for people to sign up for mobile-based notifications so you can send information about sales and other news to their devices.
  3. Spark up your email marketing campaign methods. With advances in emailing technology, you are no longer limited to one or two big mass mailing lists. Send super-targeted emails to your customers based on things like their buying history or pages they viewed while on your site. Also offer the opportunity to get onto subtopic-specific lists as well as the general one. Be careful – people will be angry if you automatically subscribe them to every possible list as soon as you get ahold of their email addresses. Don’t bombard them, or they will just summarily unsubscribe from all of your lists.
  4. Use social media to bring a human side to your company. These outlets aren’t good for blatant advertising, but they’re great for putting a human face on your business. They also offer the opportunity to catch and respond to complaints that may never reach your official help desk. Search for people tweeting or posting about your company, its products or its customer service. If the comments are negative, reach out to them to try to rectify things. Caveat: Only make promises that you can follow through on! It’s very aggravating to be contacted by an oh-so-helpful company Twitter rep and then have nothing get solved. Such aggravation will only result in more negative postings.
  5. Upgrade your multichannel marketing efforts. This will allow you to reach your prospects wherever they are instead of relying on them somehow stumbling on your main channel. Integrate these efforts to provide a unified look and feel across all the channels. Some people will see your messaging in multiple places, so it should all work together nicely. Remember to take the same care with the newer forms of media that you do with the older types.

With these tips, you should have some good starting points for putting some new life into your old campaigns. The hottest area is likely mobile marketing since powerful devices – and the plans that go with them – are finally affordable enough for most people to be able to use their cell phones for more than just talk and text. Be sure you’re not missing out on this market!

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