5 Useful Office Gadgets

    By Rebecca Lindegren | Small Business

    The array of essentially useless office gadgets available these days is seemingly endless. Instead of crowding your desk with stress balls that will ultimately pop and meaningless toys, why not opt for some gadgets that will not only spruce up your desk aesthetically, but also add some functionality to your daily work life.

    5 Useful Office Gadgets  image CableDrop 300x1475 Useful Office Gadgets

    CableDrop: For all the neurotic, neat-freaks out there that cringe at the overwhelming sight of crisscrossed cables. Here’s your solution. The CableDrop will allow your inevitable cord situation to be methodical and strategically organized. $9.95 for a pack of six – multiple color options, too!

    5 Useful Office Gadgets  image Executive Sandbox 300x3005 Useful Office Gadgets

    Executive Sandbox – A Day At The Beach: While this may seem like it provides minimal function, think again. Patiently waiting for those two weeks a year we call “vacation” can be daunting. The executive sandbox offers the long-desired white sand, chair and umbrella you’d find on the beach, giving you a much-needed mental and visual tropical getaway. $19.99

    5 Useful Office Gadgets  image usb mousepad warmer 300x1865 Useful Office Gadgets

    USB Warming Mouse Pad: For some perplexing reason, the temperature inside office buildings seem to be freezing in the winter and freezing in the summer; basically an icebox 52 weeks a year. Fear not, eskimos. This warming mouse pad will help defrost your fingers to keep them warm and operative 365 days a year. This gadget wraps around your mouse, plugs into your USB port for easy access, and keeps your hand a toasty 107° whilst allowing full functionality of your mouse. What’s more? It looks like a blue whale. Win-win. $18.00

    5 Useful Office Gadgets  image Desktop Coffee Warmer 300x3005 Useful Office Gadgets

    Desktop Coffee Warmer: Whether the boss has you coming in early or staying late, the need for a caffeinated beverage arises at least once every day. Skip the hassle of getting up to refill a lukewarm beverage with the desktop warming station. Simply place a ceramic mug filled with hot liquid directly onto the heating surface, and marvel as the beverage continuously stays warm. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee and get your TPS reports done efficiently, all day, everyday. $8.49

    5 Useful Office Gadgets  image Computer Cleaner5 Useful Office Gadgets

    Computer Cleaner & Keyboard Duster: Fingerprints on your monitor? Crumbs stuck in your keyboard? Sound familiar? Thought so… Let cleaning your computer be easy, convenient and fun with this gadget that is not only practical, but makes for an entertaining desk accessory. Her ultra-soft microfiber hair easily removes dust from your computer screen without scratching and the nylon bristle brush is perfect for cleaning up crumbs from your keyboard. $16.99

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